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TGIF Everyone! I have decided, since it was another slow week for news, that I ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News + FREE Theme Round-Up


    TGIF Everyone! I have decided, since it was another slow week for news, that I would combine my normal WIR with my "Free BB Theme Roundup" ... so read the latest news and rumors from PinStack, then browse the HUGE list of themes to customize your BlackBerry

    BlackBerry News & Rumors
    RIM's BlackBerry Only Site For Earth Hour
    PCWorld Lists It's 10 Best Smart Phones: 8120 Pearl At The Top
    New! Plazmic Content Developer's Kit V4.7 for BlackBerry
    8X8 Adds MobileTalk for BlackBerry Devices

    Iphone News & Rumors
    SXSW: AT&T's Spotty Service Frustrates iPhone Users
    Will the real mobile enterprise device please stand up?
    Follow Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 Preview event live.
    Engadget's FAQ about the iPhone 3.0 beta

    Windows Mobile News & Rumors

    Android News & Rumors

    Other Smartphone News & Rumors
    Facebook moving into Twitter territory
    Computer Makers Prepare to Stake Bigger Claim in Phones
    Daily Usage of Mobile Internet Users Increased Dramatically Over Last Year
    Mistrial by iPhone: Juries’ Web Research Upends Trials

    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    eBay Mobile for iPhone
    eBay is the largest online auction site in the world, but how do you keep on top of the auctions when you’re away from your computer? eBay Mobile brings access to thousands of auction listings to the palm of your hand. After you enter your login information, you’re immediately presented by a search field along with buttons to view auction listings as either a buyer or a seller. Listings are nicely presented, allowing you to read descriptions, view pictures, and place bids. Unfortunately, if you do win an auction, you’ll have to wait until you get to a computer, as eBay Mobile won’t process payments. Seller functions are restricted to monitoring your auctions, so you won’t be able create auctions or respond to buyer questions on the go. The recent version 1.2 update added the ability to access eBay’s messaging system.

    ShortcutBerry-New Shortcut App for BlackBerry
    ShortcutBerry, another shortcut app for BlackBerry, but this one is different from the rest! This new application for BlackBerry devices 81xx-9000 Bold. It allows you to assign up to 3 apps per convenience key and are launched depending on how many times you press the key. It also has pre-programmed shortcuts for native BB apps and allows you to customize your own shortcuts. These shortcuts work from within any app. I'm just starting to play with this and will review it later. There is a 45 day free trial which gives plenty of time to decide if it is worth purchasing.

    Yatca - Yet Another Twitter Client Application 4.6+ OS
    What makes Yatca different to the other Twitter clients for BlackBerry (at least the ones that I’m aware of) is that it takes advantage of some pretty cool new features that RIM introduced in v4.6 of the device o/s which enable it to integrate with the built-in Messages application that’s found on every BlackBerry device. The upshot is that you get your friends’ tweets in your inbox, just like any other communication. Hurray!

    Pandora For Blackberry is here!!
    It's a new era for radio. Personalized, mobile, and free. Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your BlackBerry. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a "station" that plays their music and more music like it. Already a Pandora user? Even easier. Just sign in. Pandora on BlackBerry is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Enjoy all your existing stations - and create new ones right from your BlackBerry.

    BEIKS introduces BlackBerry version of Woman Calendar
    BEIKS LLC, the world leader in language and reference applications for mobile devices, announces immediate availability of its popular application Woman Calendar for BlackBerry devices. Woman Calendar helps women and families practicing Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness Methods by enabling accurate prediction of future menstrual and fertility periods. Initially created to help childless families attempting to conceive, the NFP methods are gaining increasing popularity due to their all-natural, non-invasive approach and the wide range of applications they bring to the table.

    Whrrl v2.0 is now available on iPhone, web, and SMS
    Whrrl lets you capture your experiences as they happen and organizes them into a lasting story for everyone in your life to share in and enjoy. Share those funny, happy, silly moments that happen every day through location, photo, and text updates and broadcast them live over a personal Whrrl web-page and Facebook & Twitter. Friends and family participate instantly via iPhones, the web, and SMS. Never say "you should've been there" again. See your friends’ current adventures on a map and never miss out on a chance to be there in person. You have control; decide exactly how much and who to share with.

    PinStacker Reviews
    Review: CopyAll application for BlackBerry
    Review-Iheart Radio
    Best Skins Ever Review(No Pics Yet)



    Meet the Mod -- reddog187
    WIR Hi-lights >> PayPal sole support for App World? >> Opera Turbo at CTIA
    Site Announcements
    Exciting Apps

    PSCast: Episode 8 .. Meet the Mod Returns!


    The folks over at Plazmic have been super busy cranking out new "Official" versions of the Theme Builder/CDK. If you had downloaded a leaked beta of v4.7 (buggy and all), then you are in luck as 4.7 was OFFICIALLY released this week! Below is a short list of all the newest FREE themes available in the Smartphone Theme forum. Click the device title for more downloads

    81xx Pearl (compatible with 8100, 8110, 8120 & 8130)
    G1 android sliding dock theme for pearl.
    Tiffany&Co. 81xx PrecisionBold Zen
    81XX: Baudbox today theme
    81xx OTA Left4Dead OS4.2/4.5 (by request)
    AriesBold 81xx OS 4.5
    81xx 4.5 TOOL Revisited (by request)
    81xx: Google Android Theme--G1 Fresh Start 4.5

    8220 Pearl (compatible with 8220, 8230)
    82xx Blueprints
    82xx Worldwide Today Plus
    82xx Carbon Lite
    82xx Your Pic Here Double Dock
    8220 Skull Girl - 3 Versions!
    8220 Reverse "L"
    82xx: White Scroll Today Plus

    83xx Curve (compatible with the 8300, 8310, 8320 & 8330, 8350i)
    83xx 4.2/4.5 Just Beautiful
    83xx OTA CTU Crossbar OS4.2/4.5
    Fire Zen theme 83xx os 4.5
    83xx 4.2/4.5 Orb-alicious
    NEW Urban Abstract 83xx
    83xx: My 2nd Christian Theme 4.5 OS
    83xx: Animated homescreen: I call it polar pull
    83xx: old school pin-up girls theme: 4.5 os
    83xx: Capricorn Custom 4.5
    Mellow Yellow 83xx 4.5
    PipBoy 3000 : 8350i Nextel
    83xx OTA TheEdge w/hidden panel OS4.5
    PipBoy 3000 v1.5b+g : 83xx Curve
    83xx 4.2/4.5 - MIDNIGHT SUN
    Chuck 83xx 4.5
    Earth Theme 83xx Os4.5
    83xx 4.2/4.5 White Peace Theme
    8350i OS4.6 ONLY: Your Pic Here Dock Squared OTA
    83xx: Taurus Custom 4.5
    83xx: Leo Custom Reverse L 4.5
    83xx: Pisces Double Zen 4.5
    83xx/8900: Kanye West "Heartless" Animated Video Theme
    8350i OS 4.6 ONLY: L Style
    83xx: Libra Custom 4.5
    83xx: Gemini Custom 4.5

    8800 Themes (compatible with the 8800, 8820, 8830)
    Saint Patrick's Day 4.5 *User Customizable*

    8900 Curve
    8900: Kanye West "Heartless" Theme
    8900 Theme: Verizon8900!
    8900: Leather Fire Today Plus
    8900 Theme: DoubleIphone Red!
    8900 OTA AnimatedDragons OS4.6.1
    8900: Jav 44 Today Plus
    8900: Iphone Gone Javelin!!
    8900 Theme: BluePrint 8900!
    8900 OTA Generations
    8900: Kiss theme
    8900 OTA TheBottleNeck OS4.6
    8900 OTA BlueMoon OS4.6
    Curve 8900 Theme: Weather Plus
    8900 OTA TheAlibi OS4.6
    Curve 8900 Theme: Weather Today
    89xx Your Pic Here Dock Squared OTA
    8900 OTA VerticalGearing OS4.6
    8900 OTA BlueMoon2 OS4.6
    8900: Skull Girl Series (Dock Bottom & Today+)

    9000 Bold
    90xx Worldwide Today Plus
    9000 OTA BlueSidebar OS4.6
    9000 OTA JeffGordon OS4.6 (By request)
    9000 OTA Sidebar OS4.6
    9000 ota t4 os4.6
    90xx Your Pic Here Dock Squared OTA
    9000 OTA ScrollEdge OS4.6
    9000 OTA VerticalThrust OS4.6
    9000 OTA TheAlibi OS4.6
    9000 OTA: Skull Girl Series (Dock Bottom & Today+)
    9000 OTA TheEdge OS4.6
    9000 OTA: Cherri's Berry Today+
    9000 OTA VerticalScroll BlueMoon2 OS4.6
    9000 OTA VerticalGearing OS4.6
    9000 OTA Twins OS4.6
    9000 OTA John Force theme
    Redwave 9xxx for bold theme os 4.6
    9xxx Spiderman bold theme os4.6
    9000 OTA BlueMoon

    95xx Storm (compatible with the 9500 and 9530)
    Art Gallery v1 : 95xx Storm
    95xx: RPM U *user customizable
    Misc: 9530 Black and White Theme
    95xx hidden today 636 ninja
    95xx Your Pic Here Dock Squared OTA
    95XX: All the single ladies (pink theme) gauging interest
    PipBoy 3000 : 95xx Storm
    95xx: DoubleDockers! Premium Theme
    95xx: Deadmau5
    95xx: Red n Black version of Custom Dark
    misc 95xx: Iphone theme (rev.b) for the Storm
    9500/9530 Superman/Kryptonite Theme Free-w/today +
    95xx: FlameBerry
    95xx Storm : Paint Drops v1


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    Great idea combining the 2 on a slow week. It's about time you get a chance to breath. Thank you as always for the hard work you do every week to keep us all up to date with the WIR. As much as I have been working lately it's a lifesaver.

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    Nice WIR CC! I too am thankful for all you do. It makes my busylife go a bit easier

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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    Awsome WIR. Keep it up. This is why I love PS
    ~via smartphone

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    Thanks for the review cherri, been a busy week for me, time now to catch up and check out what I missed. Looks like our themers have been crazy busy too, thanks to you all for your contributions!
    Twitter? My Apps List

    Current SmartPhone: Motorola DROID Rooted, Running Project Elite v4

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    ask me
    For my theme blog, remember....
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    Very nice Cherri, themers was busy, and there was some great reading also. Thanks for all you do.

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