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I must admit I was a little bit excited to see RIM making progress towards ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: New Releases, Product Updates and MORE!


    I must admit I was a little bit excited to see RIM making progress towards automatic updates. Reports from the forum show that the system works, but that no updates were available at this time. GSM phones received an update this week to 4.5 from Voda Austrailia and CDMA from Cellular South. If you aren't running 4.5 yet, what are you waiting for? Looking for an official update from ATT? Reports to us are saying it could be a few weeks, maybe close to their Bold launch?

    New Downloads
    New 3jam Threaded SMS and Group Text Messaging App
    3jam launched a new app (currently in beta) for threaded SMS/group text messaging. Key features (which can be customized to your needs) are 1 or 2 line conversation views, ordered by time, unlimited thread lengths, popup automatically shows messages as they arrive (no-handed operation), and for US customers, you have the ability to "Reply-All Group Text Messaging".

    TD Canada Trust Goes Mobile
    Banking for TD Canada Trust members just got easier. You can now log into their mobile site to take care of all your financial needs, while on the go.

    New Poynt Beta for BlackBerry, With Video Streaming Support on the BOLD
    Poynt is a convenient and time saving service that connects consumers to businesses and theaters at the moment they want to buy or acquire products or services. By entering search terms, the consumer is able to find businesses and movies near their location, get phone and address information as well as enhanced data such as interactive maps, movie reviews and the ability to purchase movie tickets.

    Load2Mobile Turns Mobile Phones Into Music Players - Wirelessly
    Load2Mobile service lets people turn their cell phones into robust personal music players without cables - completely wirelessly. Music fans can use Load2Mobile right away by visiting Clicking the "Choose Song For Mobile" button locates song files on a computer and also allows for simple, one-step signup for a Load2Mobile account. Type in the mobile number and with a couple more clicks, the song is sent wirelessly, optimized for high-quality listening in a small file size.

    Product Updates
    WorldMate Live: A whole new look -- FREE UPGRADE
    WorldMate Live issued a FREE upgrade with a great new look, enhancing your experience and interaction with the service. New features include an on-device home screen that is customized to your location and travel plans and features a "carousel" display of all WorldMate Live services, a redesigned WorldMate Live Web site for easier access and editing of your itineraries, and a new download center making it simple to upgrade and buy a Gold subscription from your computer. Unveils New Protection Features announced new features that further enrich the service in preserving the owners’ highly personal – and valuable -- information and preventing identity theft. Some of the new features include PIN lock / unlock where the user will be able to lock or unlock a phone remotely via a user-defined PIN code entered at when the user activates his or her protection for the device and Text lock – From a friend’s phone, a user can text the command “LOCK <PIN CODE>” to lock his or her missing phone remotely when no access to the website is available.

    ShoZu Provides Easy Mobile Photo Uploads for Adobe Members
    ShoZu Inc. announced that Adobe members can use its mobile social media service to quickly and easily upload photos from more than 350 different handsets to accounts. ShoZu's service allows Adobe users to take advantage of support for additional handsets.

    Stacker Reviews
    PinStacker stmcgill gives us two stellar reviews -- Thanks Shaun!
    Review: PDA Hut Blackberry Bold Horizontal Pouch Case
    Review: SafeWallet Pro for BlackBerry

    New Themes
    9000: 3D2 Bold by DjSmooth
    83xx Underwater 4.5 by ganns1980
    Google Android on Berry Action 83XX Custom by dr_devious
    81XX Firefox Today Plus OS 4.5 by irombeach
    81xx 83xx Ipod Berry 4.6 Reg and Today+ by ecruz0102
    88xx: Dexter by dirkdigital
    83xx 4.5 Natures Fantasy II (Remake) by Smurf2598

    Announcements from RIM this week include more details to the first ever Blackberry Developers Conference held this October in Northern California as well as plans to introduce a set of new tools within the first half of 2009 which will address a number of longstanding complaints from Mac users.

    Hayden announced last week the upcoming launch of our new site. Keep checking back often for the chance to win the BlackBerry BOLD, accessories & other great prizes!! If you haven't been around long enough to have seen some of Hayden's secret/coming soon threads, be sure to stick around as he never ceases to surprise.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

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    Automatic updates?

    Ok I see that RIM is PLANNING on making automatic updates available. That rocks! The current manual process leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Yes, The plan is unveiling
    ..........SHAKE N BAKE..........

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    the main thing I question

    is will my old apps (like color pearl) work on my 8100 if I upgrade to 4.5?

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    Great recap....

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    Each Saturday morning I read:

    PinStack Week in Review: New Releases, Product Updates and MORE!

    Thanks cherrichiodo, for this great feature you write each week!

    Also I would like to acknowledge the fantastic work you do for PinStack in your ever increasing role here. I have observed your growth in terms of participation & exemplary contributions since I've been a member and wanted to personally Thank You!
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    Waiting on that 9000 2....maybe the
    "The only person you are destined to be is the person you decide to be."

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    thanks archer! you're the best

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