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I honestly thought this week would never come (or end for that matter ... its ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: NEW Device Updates, Downloads and MORE!


    I honestly thought this week would never come (or end for that matter ... its been a long week). The "official" release date for the AT&T Bold was Tuesday, November 4th, but I know that some of you were lucky enough to find some in stock at your local corporate stores or dealers over the weekend. Did you give in to the hype? Were you a lucky one? Rumors afloat that the stores are actually running out... Check out the Bold Device forum for some great reviews, new discoveries, and some plain old sharing of knowledge to get you up to date on your new Bold.

    New Device News
    Get Inside the Storm at Times Square for a Chance to Win a Blackberry Storm
    Official Verizon Storm Press Release
    AT&T BlackBerry Bold NOW Available Online!
    Rogers and RIM Announce Availability of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220


    PeeKaWho v1.164 - with PeeKaLab (think Google Lab)
    PeekaWho issued a handful of updates this week on their very popular pop-up alert application.
    What's NEW:
    - PeeKaLab (think Google Lab), we have added a "Flashlight" features within a new screen call PeeKaLab. Try it out. Will rename to PeeKaLight if people like it
    - Grouped LED function into the PeeKaLab screen
    - Email/SMS LED will come on with each single email.
    - Fixed activation bug (no need to reactivate so long as you don't do a device upgrade). With each upgrade after this, no need to reenter code.

    British Airways launches BlackBerry and mobile check-in
    The service, at, allows passengers to access the airline’s timetables as well as real-time arrival and departure information. The information is available in 11 languages and can be viewed without downloading any software to your device.

    New OS Updates
    Official Release: Verizon OS 4.5 (8130/8330 ONLY) (again )
    Official Release: Rogers v4.5 OS (8120, 8310, 8320)

    looking for the most recent OS available for your device, bookmark this blog, by jdellasala ... its the OS bible

    New Themes
    9000 OTA: Precision Today+
    9000 OTA: Aluminum Today+
    8220 Today+ Themes (4.6 OS)
    8220 : Audrey by Ranxoren
    8220: Lcars theme
    81xx Hot Pink Punk Pearl OS 4.5 (as requested)
    83xx/87xx/88xx/Obama-A Bold Future 4.5+ Animated Theme
    83xx : Retro-Rubberband AC/DC OS4.5
    83XX Sons of Anarchy OS 4.2/3/5

    Have a GREAT weekend!


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    Thanks for another crazy informative W.I.R. Props C.
    Regards cHAd ~via BB (

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    ~via BB Bold(
    Great review as always. I got my bold on the 3rd and I actually am impressed by it. It is the phone I was waiting for and more.

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    Thanks for the review Cherri. I know if there is ever anything I miss I can go back over the week and catch up with your reviews.

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    Good recap! You never miss a thing Cherrichiodo

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    Thanks Cherri. I had to catch up also. Back to the grind on Monday.

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    Thanks Cherri for the Review!

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    i cant seem to get the vz 8330 update working on my BB. does it matter what carrier......

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    What about 4.5 OS for ATT users? I have 8310 and have been waiting forever!!! I would think that having the #G with the BOLD now out from ATT that other OS would be updated as well. Anybody got any thoughts on this?
    Saving a life one client at a time with a trusty gadget by my side!

    Veronica S.

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    I was wondering the same thing too cherri have you heard anything regarding the new upgrade? And is it possible to get the upgrade elsewhere? This may be a sign cherri to just go and get the bold right? Lol. Seriously please help ....:+)

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