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This Monday, October 20th, begins the FIRST EVER Blackberry Developers Conference , held here in ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: NEW Device Updates, Downloads and MORE!


    This Monday, October 20th, begins the FIRST EVER Blackberry Developers Conference, held here in my home state (well, my second home state ) of California! I am soo psyched to know in just a few short days the Bay Area (formerly known as the Silicon Valley) will be swarming with thousands of Blackberry Abusers and Developers alike! You will also be able to see, up close and personal, the new Storm at the Verizon Booth -- so definately do NOT forget to go by and see first hand. Are any PinStackers attending the conference? Let us know!

    In celebration of our half a million stackers milestone, PinStack released two NEW applications this week. Depending on your needs, you now have two different apps to choose from! Download now by pointing your BB browser to

    New Device Information
    T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 NOW Available
    New Sandstone BlackBerry Pearl 8110 - Pink
    BlackBerry Storm Set to Tour the US
    Storm Videos
    TheStreet BlackBerry Storm: First Look
    BlackBerry Storm Powers TV Ad
    Lewis Hamilton shows his BlackBerry Storm

    New Applications lets Blackberry users manage voicemail like e-mail releases users from the restrictions of conventional voicemail. is used in place of the bundled voicemail that comes with your wireless phone service. allows users to hear their voice messages directly through their Blackberry, or over a multimedia computer, or via any telephone. records your voicemail message and sends it to your e-mail account, so your mailbox is never full and messages never expire. It brings Unified Communications to your Blackberry in the same way that state of the art business phone systems combine e-mail and voicemail messages on your desktop.

    mobileRED Secure, Instant Broadcast Messaging on BlackBerry
    mobileRED and its integrated Central Command Center (via the web console or mobile device) allows administrators to send broadcast communication to any type of mobile device in their environment, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and iPhone.

    Product Updates

    Out of Beta: Trapster Launches Speed Trap Alert System on BlackBerry
    Trapster is the first and only real-time speed trap sharing system, the modern day equivalent of flashing headlights at other drivers. Trap reports are updated instantly so users can share where police traps actually are, not just where they might be. It takes advantage of user input and the power of the community to provide not only the trap information, but also to arbitrate the veracity of that information. Trapster is now over 100,000 users, with more than 50,000 traps, speed camera, and red-light camera alerts in the system. Trapster is provided at no cost.

    PhoneFusion Fusion Voicemail Plus for BlackBerry Now Out of Beta
    The beta version of this free visual voicemail application has been available since June for any BlackBerry device on any U.S. wireless carrier. The downloadable voicemail application gives BlackBerry users the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see -- right on the screen of their mobile device -- a list of their voicemail messages.

    Vlingo 2.0 Open Beta for UK, US and Canada
    The vlingo 2.0 open beta has been expanded to everyone who’s interested! Vlingo is currently looking for active BlackBerry users to test the latest features of our voice-powered application, including social networking, Web search, messaging and more.

    PinStacker Reviews
    Review: Ascendo DataVault by stmcgill
    Review: Aerize Email Alerts by stmcgill
    Review: BlackBerry Pearl 8220! by dallas1125

    New FREE themes
    83XX 87XX 88XX Corvette ZR1 Today Plus OS4.5 by irombeach
    Animated Custom 81xx OS 4.5 Aurora by markus1249
    83XX Animated Scenery Theme OS 4.2/4.3/4.5 by dr_devious
    88xx/83xx:CopyCat Flick N' Slide Prototype -- 4.5 Only! by pinpoint
    Led Zeppelin 83xx 4.2/4.5 by raton

    New beta theme (currently still in testing phases)
    81xx LeopardMenu by ecruz0102

    So, I saved the best for last. If you have been paying any sort of attention to the front page, you would have noticed that TODAY will mark the celebration of 500,000 registered PinStackers (thats HALF A MILLION ya'll )!! We launched two all new PinStack applications as well as a contest for a chance to win one thousand $100 prize bundles, or grand prize draw for a new Bold or Storm!!! Visit and refer a friend to purchase a new BlackBerry. If they purchase any new BlackBerry, you will both will receive a $100 prize bundle and automatically entered into our grand prize draw! Don't forget to enter to win!!

    Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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    Thanks Cherri! busy week

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    Great review as always. I know you will ave a great time at the conference. Wish I could go.

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    man every week it gets better and better
    The BlackBerry Guru

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    I'll be representin' for gWhiz See you there! BTW, congrats on hitting 500K!

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    I love seeing these reviews, makes me feel at home on the stacks Thanks Cherri.
    -Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

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    Awesome job as always cherri! Love the new pinstack app.

    ~via BB (

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