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Yesterday was a busy day for me as my 8310, dubbed Berry White .. for ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: Free Downloads, Product Reviews and MORE!


    Yesterday was a busy day for me as my 8310, dubbed Berry White .. for obvious reasons, arrived fresh from the people over at ColorWarePC and I spent the better half of the day restoring him to his full glory! (pics in the gallery)

    Verizon announced the launch of their new PINK 8330 Curve along with the already available PINK 8130. I'm not much on pink, but most girls are so this is a GREAT addition to the Blackberry lineup for Verizon. Orange UK announced they would be the first to carry the 9000 Bold, available as early as August 16th (that's tomorrow!!). And with some help from a spy or two, BGR managed to get his hands on the 08-09 Sprint roadmap, showcasing a new iDen Blackberry from Nextel, codename 8350i. I know that will make some of the Sprint/Nextel users very happy! You guys deserve an upgrade

    This week proved to be an excellent week for releasing new BETA versions of some VERY popular applications. Viigo announced a new version of their very well-known Tango RSS reader, complete with US election & Olympic coverage (covered in the last WIR) but announced on Saturday that they now have LIVE NFL scores. THIS is the ONLY way I read my news now. What's the internet? Or better yet, what the heck is a newspaper? Vlingo also released an update to their voice recognition product with new features, including the ability to reply and/or forward a message! Can you say buh-bye to Blackberry thumb? Sadly, it was limited to the first 200 people, but rest assured the public release won't be too far behind. Be sure to also check out this stellar review by apmartin on the new updates from vlingo. A new addition to the beta release list is NotNow -- an application that allows you to ignore incoming calls when busy, sending an automatic SMS message to the caller letting them know you are busy and will call back (also reviewed by apmartin -- boys he's been a busy reviewer this week ). And finally, one of my favorite games to date, Simon Remix (based on the popular game MySimon), has a private beta release in the works. If you haven't signed up, be sure to check it out. It brings back lots of childhood memories! Thanks to ALL the developers that choose PinStackers to test their products! We love you!

    Mac users got some love too this week with the release/update to Pocket Mac (a MAC version of Desktop Manager) including support for Entourage. Although I have both a Macbook and a PC, I have always used the PC exclusively for upgrading and adding apps/themes. With this release, I may download and install for when I go to all the GREAT conventions and take my Macbook along with me.

    The CDMA users have all been waiting patiently for an OFFICIALLY released 4.5 OS for thier devices. Well, the wait is over. MTS Mobility released version this week and the downloading began. Congrats CDMA guys deserve it

    Still glued to the TV watching the Olympics? Don't worry, we compiled a list of top applications you can use to get LIVE up-to-date coverage right from your Blackberry. Whether its Michael Phelps breaking records right and left or the Women's soccer team going for Gold, we have the applications here for you.

    Windows Live Messenger issued an updated this week, version 2.1.36. announced the ability to make reservations now from their very popular OpenTable mobile service. Yahoo! oneSeach announced this week that their voice search application is now available for download and use in Canada and the Phillipines.

    Speck launched a new line of clear colored hard plastic cases this week for the 81x0 devices as well as already available clear only for other models. Looking to match up your berry with your outfit? Or just want a change in the way it looks? Also in line with customizing your blackberry are TONS of free Blackberry themes. The theme builders are really kicking out some very cool themes. Be sure to check out the Theme forums or the Theme download section for all the latest theme downloads.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

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    Thanks for the Recap, it will take all weekend to check it all out...

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    A lot happened this week, thanks for the recap!
    Another great reason I check the stack every day!

    ~via BB (

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    Has anyone tried to play Simon? I downloaded it but when I tried to play it, it said the beta version is out of date and to check with the developer. It's the latest version on the site.

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    Excellent. A lot of great stuff going on and a lot of great apps coming out. Thansk. ~via BB (

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    When is tmobile going to get the new updates and phones I have too wait till damn near xmas to get the javelin but is it worth it? I just got my curve a month ago and I'm a phone freak and I always have to have the latest and I found out that tmobile isn't getting the bold ugh cingualr keeps pushing the bold back because of the stupid 3g iphone ugh!!!!~via BB (

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    Thanks for the BB/Pinstack week in review! Looking forward to the new release of Viigo!~via BB (

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    Quote Originally Posted by drjamie03 View Post
    Has anyone tried to play Simon? I downloaded it but when I tried to play it, it said the beta version is out of date and to check with the developer. It's the latest version on the site.
    Iam on the beta crew. The last release was for private beta only, the next public release I would hope is not too far behind, but who knows for sure.

    Awesome recap as always Cherri will take some digging to keep up with you!

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    Cool review..thanks.RIM needs to come out with a Mac OS install for updating BlackBerries,tired of using my PC instead of my MacBook.I've used the Mac Desktop and I like it,the update is ok.

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    Sweet. Thanks for the reviews!

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