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    PinStack Week in Review: Free Downloads, Product Reviews and MORE!


    Do you own a Mac and a Blackberry? Do you want to make your own ringtones? If you are using PocketMac, try downloading the new PocketMac RingtoneStudio for BlackBerry to make your own ringtones.

    If you haven't upgraded your old 4.2 DM, you have fallen behind. Desktop Manager 4.6 was officially released by RIM on Monday to some mixed reviews from our very own stackers. Be sure to check out this thread regarding the upgrade. Also from the RIM downloads, another official 4.5 OS release: for the 8700 series. You can find the latest OS for your device here.

    Are you set on getting yourself a Bold and you don't want to wait any longer? You can PRE-order one from TigerDirect for a measly $649.99 USD (I wonder if the 'bill me later' works ). Telestra announced this week that they will be offering the Bold to all business customers for free, with a release date of 'late September'. And from Orange Dolphin, Pink Pearl 8120 + an Eee PC for free, I'm sure with certain restrictions, of course.

    With school just around the corner (for my kids the corner was last week), CRAM for the Blackberry was released just in time. With Cram, you can create, import, share, and study for tests on the go, using your Blackberry.

    Pocket Informant announced last week they would be releasing a Blackberry compatible version very soon. Pocket Informant is the only full featured Personal Information Manager for the BlackBerry that provides an Agenda, Day, Week, and Month Views alongside powerful Task and Contact views. If the Today style themes don't do it for you, this application will!

    News from the T-Mobile site showed they will be getting 3G (in selected cities) by the 1st of October and launching a new 'Sunset Red' 8320 ... it looks a little orange'er red than the 'Crimson 8310' from ATT.

    Looking for shopping deals in your area? Slifter has the mobile answer for you. Users can now shop smart by searching more than 300 million products available at more than 150,000 retail stores across the U.S. Slifter for BlackBerry smartphones will allow users to: search local store inventory for products, Hot Deals, and promos (including 40 million circular offers); see product information, images and maps; save products and promotions into a mobile Shopping List; and share finds with friends.

    Today, RIM announced the launch of their new Blackberry Answers. BlackBerry Answers is an intuitive web based tool that allows you to ask a question about your BlackBerry smartphone and receive personalized answers in virtual real time, direct from Research In Motion's premium knowledgebase. From your mobile browser, simply visit the help section of and type a question about your device. You'll receive a solution within seconds.

    apmartin gave us another stellar review, this time on the Privacy Screen Pro by Case-Mate. At first glance, you may think that this is just another screen protector. But look further and you can see (or not see ) that once you apply this to your bb, NO ONE can see the contents of your screen unless they have the bb in front of them and at a certain angle. VERY VERY cool product and a great review!

    The theme builders are still kicking out some crazy themes. Remember to check out the download section for tons of theme building goodies (icons, meters, buttons, etc). Also from the download section, hundreds of FREE applications, for both desktop and OTA download.

    I purchased my first BB because I wanted instant email anytime/anywhere. My addiction to BB started with my addiction to email and being connected, 24 hours a day. A survey, by the NY Daily News, showed that New Yorkers check their mail, more than anyone else. Hey, I live in San Francisco! (which happens to be #5 on the list)

    Have a GREAT weekend!

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    This is a great article/summary, Cherri. You may have another career in your future as a journalist/reporter.
    For every complex problem there is a solution, that is simple, neat, .....and wrong! (H. L. Mencken) jblackfish(at)pinstack(dot)com

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    Thanks Cherri!

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    This is awesome. Keep up with everything going on so you won't miss a best. ~via BB (

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    I use audacity to make ring tones, free and open source!

    ~via BB (

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    Very nice round-up C2, this is great for folks that may have missed some of this great info during the week.
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    Nice work Cherri!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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