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TGIF Everyone! Some of you addicts may already know that next week (Monday, the 19th, ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: Accessory/Apps, Product Updates & More!


    TGIF Everyone! Some of you addicts may already know that next week (Monday, the 19th, to be exact) TMO business customers will have the chance to pick up a shiny new 8900 Curve, unless of course, you've been hiding behind a massive "beginning of the year" workload or living in the wilds of the Amazons. This will be TMO's first BIG offering since the launch of the 8320 (I know, they have the flip, but that wasn't a highly anticipated device either). Consumers will have to wait until February (the 11th is the rumor), but hey, we are already in the middle of January...that time should fly by very quickly . Personally, I'll be waiting impatiently for the ATT release, rumored before summer.

    BlackBerry News & Rumors
    BlackBerry Storm available in India starting January 15
    The-Gadgeteer: A Week with the BlackBerry Storm Smartphone Day 4, 5 & 6
    Charges pending after woman accused of Blackberry phone theft turns herself
    RIM issues security patches for BlackBerry

    Iphone News & Rumors
    Man Selling iPhone On Craigslist Robbed
    Why NOT to Play iPhone Bowling Game in Subway
    Apple Opens Up iPhone to Third-Party Browsers
    Infineon one-chip 4G radio may see iPhone

    Google Android News & Rumors
    A First Glimpse of All HTC's Upcoming Android and Windows Mobile Models
    Lenovo’s Android-Powered ‘OPhone’ Coming to China Mobile in Q1
    Dell Android, S60 Smartphone could launch next month
    Motorola Expanding Android Team Sevenfold

    Palm News & Rumors
    Smartphone Smackdown: Apple iPhone vs. Palm Pre

    Other News & Rumors
    CES: 10 Killer Phones Spotted at the 2009 CES
    HTC to launch touchscreen iPhone, Palm Pre competitor
    Safety council urges ban on cell phone use while driving

    Applications & Accessories
    free storm game Tiltris
    Tetris controlled by your accelerometer! Tilt your screen to control where the pieces fall! Designed specifically for use on the Blackberry Storm.

    “Yojo Mama,” the Go-To Mobile Destination for Parents On the Go
    Yojo Mama, a new mobile destination and website for ‘parents on the go’, launched to the public this week. The mobile concierge for parents on the go, Yojo Mama helps moms and dads find what they need, when and where they need it most. As they say, mama knows best, and Yojo Mama finds what parents and kids are looking for based on their precise time and location. - Events and activities for parents and kids in their neighborhood, or when they’re traveling somewhere new. - The nearest diaper changing station or quiet place to nurse. - Kid-friendly restaurants and other must-see (or must-avoid!) places. - Real-time answers to 'on the go' questions from a vibrant and growing community of parents. - Informative and fun articles on things to do and places to go. Yojo Mobile will offer the service initially in New York and San Francisco, with Los Angeles, Chicago and other destinations following in the coming months.

    Case-mate Launches the Backpack for the BlackBerry Bold
    The Backpack is an interchangeable, form-fit, leather covered, plastic shell for the BlackBerry Bold. It replaces the battery door, adding the perfect accent to your BlackBerry Bold. The Backpack case is currently available in Black Carbon Fiber Leather, Red Croc Leather and Brown Croc Leather. More colors are coming soon.

    Didiom Launches Windows Mobile and BlackBerry iTunes Streaming
    Didiom, a mobile media software company, just released a new public beta of its service for Windows Mobile (including newer models like the HTC Touch Pro) and for BlackBerry Pearl 8100-series smartphones. The service lets iTunes fans stream their libraries over the Internet to their handsets—essentially placeshifting, but for music. For now, it's free during the beta period.

    PerfectStorm theme makes your iPhone look like the BlackBerry Storm

    I personally was sick of iPhone themes for the BlackBerry a year ago. But everyone else seems to LOVE them! Well iPhone users, turn around is fair play Here’s a cool theme for BlackBerry-to-iPhone switchers. The so called PerfectStorm brings the BlackBerry Storm look and feel to the Apple iPhone. And while I don’t personally like Storm’s icons, I guess some of you dig the idea of having their iPhone look like RIM’s flagship all-touchscreen device. Once the theme is installed, you’ll see that most of the user interface has been changed to resemble the Storm. This includes icons, lock-screen, calculator, media player, camera, dialer, sounds, Safari, and even a keyboard skin. As it’s always the case with iPhone themes, a jailbroken device is required. Then (once iPhone is set free), simply search for “PerfectStorm” in Cydia or Installer, and take it from there.

    More Themes (all Smartphones)

    Check back next week for PinStack's first ever PODCAST with Rumors/News, stacker discussions & round table, reviews and more!

    Have a GREAT weekend Everyone!


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    Lucky business people. If it is indeed that the AT&T release of the 89xx will be sometime this summer if not a bit earlier and if it is a 3G variant I will wait till then to get my hands on the 89xx if T-Mobile hasn't released it by then.

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    Yeah I cant wait till att gets it!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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    Thanks cherri for another great WIR. Can't wait till next week for the first ever PODCAST I am sure you guys are gonna ROCK.

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    yeah hopefully we do make it happen
    im thinking itll be the week after though

    Cherri, great as always

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    Thanks for the Review Cherri...

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