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TGIF Everyone! Hope ya'll had a GREAT week! I know I sure did The rain ... Week In Review forum

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    PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Updates & More!


    TGIF Everyone! Hope ya'll had a GREAT week! I know I sure did The rain in Nor Cal has finally stopped (though I thought I was going to have to build an Ark) and the sun is shining! And as much as I hate to say it (inserts foot), I am loving my new Bold. This week in the smartphone world has been a little slower than normal, but rest assured we have all the latest news for you below, ready for your reading pleasure. Be sure to check back often in the following weeks for news and updates to the upcoming CTIA Wireless convention in Las Vegas. Exciting stuff!!

    BlackBerry News & Rumors
    Facebook 1.5 release iminent! New unreleased KB articles
    Storms Accelorometer in Use!
    MetroPCS Launches BlackBerry + Data for $50/Mo.
    PayPal to expand mobile business after App World deal
    Diabetes patients linked by BlackBerry

    Iphone News & Rumors
    Lawyers Move Toward IPhones, Give up BlackBerrys

    Windows Mobile News & Rumors
    Motorola ships new enterprise handheld
    Windows Mobile Marketplace Website Comes Online
    Windows Mobile 6.5 Widgets?
    Palm Treo Pro (Sprint) Reviewed

    Android News & Rumors

    Other Smartphone News & Rumors
    Major Opera Mini and Opera Mobile Announcements at CTIA 2009
    Mobile platform wars: Symbian top mobile OS globally; Mac OS X surges
    Begin Previewing Google Voice Application

    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    New vPost launches for BlackBerry
    vPost lets BlackBerry users capture and email any combination of pictures, video, audio, & GPS’s a multimedia bundle that re-invents email on a BlackBerry. Once captured you can send multimedia emails to anyone...friends, family, colleagues, blogs, news agencies, and even social networks. Many social networks and news sites have email addresses you can set-up to email photo’s, video, audio, and GPS locations to.

    Google Mobile: New Image Search Results for Android and iPhone
    Today we launched a new Image Search results page for Android, iPhone, and iPod touch in the US, the UK, and Japan. With the new Image Search results, you can easily scan up to 20 images on a single results page and get the details for images that interest you. From the details page, you can view a larger thumbnail, visit the web page containing the image, or view the image by itself in full size. The new results page also supports "search-by-style" filters, which allow you to restrict your search results to people's faces, clip art, line drawings, or photo content. This feature was previously launched on Google Image Search in December 2008, and we are excited to now bring this feature to mobile.

    New Ticketmaster app for BlackBerry, sign up for notification of release.
    Ticketmaster for BlackBerry smartphones—your mobile connection to event, concert game and theatre tickets.1,2 Designed to make buying tickets more convenient, you can browse event listings, select your seats and even buy your tickets from just about anywhere using familiar BlackBerry menus and prompts. It also works with BlackBerry Wallet to help you fill in credit card and shipping information. And, as the official smartphone of Ticketmaster, your BlackBerry smartphone can also be your connection to advanced or reserved tickets as well as special events, rewards and fantastic promotions.

    Grand Central is back as Google Voice - Invites
    GrandCentral users -- now you can begin previewing Google Voice, an application that helps you centralize all your telephony needs. Some features of Google Voice include voicemail transcription, the ability to search and store SMS messages and low-priced international dialing. The original functionality of GrandCentral, such as a centralized number and web accessible voicemail inbox, live on within Google Voice. You can read more about this release on the Official Google Blog.

    PinStacker Reviews
    REVIEW: Curve 8900 Accessories
    Review: Berrybuzz for Blackberry
    REVIEW: Strap Data Cable (Curve 8900 & Storm)
    REVIEW: eReader Pro for BlackBerry First Impressions
    REVIEW: Coveroo -- branded battery covers for your electronic devices


    Return of Meet the Mod

    Meet the Mod --azstar
    WIR Hi-lights >> App World >> Sprint's new offerings
    Mobile Social Networking -- 'til your thumbs fall off
    Site Announcements

    PSCast: Episode 8 .. Meet the Mod Returns!


    The Top 10 Haiku Contest Entries are in, vote the winner!
    The Haiku contest is complete! It’s now time to vote! WHERE has narrowed it down to the Top 10 you see below. The haiku with the most votes will win it’s author a BlackBerry Smartphone of their choice, courtesy of the WHERE mobile application. Vote for your favorite entry. Voting ends 03/16 at midnight.


    That's it for me ya'll

    Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    Cya on the Stacks!

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    ask me
    slower than usual indeed. But a great review as always
    For my theme blog, remember....
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    It's the calm before the storm, we will have our heads spinning the week of CTIA Thanks for the review cherri!
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    Slow is good sometimes.

    Thanks for the WIR cherri. Greatly appreciated as always.

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    great review
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    Thanks for another great WIR. Awesome as always.

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    Thanks for the updates.
    ~via smartphone

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    Thanks for the WIR, good job as always!
    ~via smartphone

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    Great review again, Cherri. I'm always amazed at the great job you do gathering the week's info in one place. It's great to have this feature!
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    Cherri rocks!

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