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TGIF Everyone! I am really thankful that this week was pretty slow. I kinda needed ... Week In Review forum

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    Thumbs up PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Updates & More!


    TGIF Everyone! I am really thankful that this week was pretty slow. I kinda needed a smartphone break to breath a little bit The big news this week seems to be the upcoming launch of the first ever BlackBerry Application Store, now OFFICIALLY called App World. Rumor has it there will not be a 'category' for free apps, which is a HUGE let down for the BlackBerry community. Hopefully RIM will re-think this decision and decide to change up the pricing structure.

    BlackBerry News & Rumors
    ComputerWorld Blogger: Why I switched from a BlackBerry Pearl to an iPhone
    BlackBerry App Store Sets $3 Minimum for Applications
    Bell Issues Statement For BlackBerry 8230

    Iphone News & Rumors
    Report: iPhone has "commanding lead" on Web
    A Verizon iPhone in 2009? Not likely.

    Windows Mobile News & Rumors
    Sprint features the Palm Pre and HTC Touch Pro
    Sprint Treo Pro release date confirmed, now priced at $199

    Android News & Rumors
    HTC increases workforce as Android units defy slump

    Other Smartphone News & Rumors
    Sprint features the Palm Pre and HTC Touch Pro
    Smartphones Set To Double Market Share & Replace Laptops
    AT&T Named Most Admired Telecommunications Company
    UPDATE: Smartphones Gaining Share In Wireless Market
    Mobie Awards: First Major Awards for Mobile Apps

    Smartphone Applications/Accessories

    Amazon rival Indigo starts e-book service
    Canadian retailer Indigo Books & Music Inc. has introduced a digital media application that lets users buy and download e-books to smart phones and computers. Its Shortcovers service gives people with iPhone, Blackberry or Google Android devices wireless access to books, magazines and blogs, "as well as new content formats and user-inspired writings such as subway novels," said the Toronto company, which operates bookstores in all Canadian provinces as well as People with Symbian, Windows Mobile and Brew devices, the Palm Pre and other devices will be able to use Shortcovers soon, Indigo said.

    Vayyoo's New BlackBerry Application vPost Launches Today
    Vayyoo is changing the way people would use wireless mobility in their lives every day by delivering advanced mobile solutions. Our focus is to enhance the mobile user experience, both for personal and business use, by making “life on mobile” simple. As the mobile collaboration and information sharing through popular social sites is becoming an increasing trend of current global landscape. Vayyoo is developing and delivering the technology which will become the key enabler of gathering information, “the currency of social exchange”, from mobiles. Vayyoo Inc.'s flagship solution vPost enables BlackBerry users to easily capture and upload pictures, video, voice, text, and GPS location through a single user-interface. In seconds, vPost users can send context-rich (location and multi-media) information anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Vayyoo will be soon launching vPost for other mobile platforms starting with Windows Mobile.

    Memo Book for iPhone
    Peculiar Minds describes Memo Book as “an iPhone application that allows you to record memos and organize them using labels.” That pretty much sums up this productivity-focused offering for the iPhone and iPod touch—its premise is basic and so are its features. Memo Book consists of two main screens: one for your labels and one for the memos themselves. Adding a new memo is straightforward, as is applying labels to a memo. Each memo can be assigned to one or more labels. The labels screen gives the user the ability to view all memos assigned to a certain label. Additionally, Memo Book also comes with two pre-built smart labels—All Memos and Unlabeled Memos.

    Yahoo's Inquisitor search comes to iPhone
    Despite Yahoo's latest efforts to defragment its mobile offerings, on Thursday the company released a mobile version of its Inquisitor search tool for the iPhone. Unlike its desktop version, which plugs into the search box built into Apple's Safari browser, this version exists as a standalone search application. Before your eyes glaze over, it's worth a mention that this application is ridiculously fast. Search results stream in without chugging down the iPhone's processor, or slowing down your keystrokes. More importantly, it lets you start typing in a query less than four seconds after launching it, which in my testing was about two seconds faster than Google's voice-powered search app, and slightly faster than starting a cold search from Safari. Is this a huge difference? No, but if you're in a hurry to look something up quickly this is genuinely helpful.

    New Finance for Android App
    If you are following the markets throughout the day, check out the real-time streaming quotes in your portfolio, fast stock look-ups with search auto-suggestion, and 'recent quotes' to make it even easier receive quotes on-the-go. For each stock, you can see detailed quotes, charts and news, and any change you make to your portfolio automatically syncs up with the Google Finance website. So now you don't have to worry about setting up a separate portfolio on your phone. If you're in the US, you can now download Finance for Android from Android Market.

    Vlingo, the world’s most popular voice App for smartphones comes to Nokia
    Vlingo, the world’s most popular voice application for Blackberry and iPhone, finally comes to Nokia devices. Get it for FREE! Vlingo is testing its voice application for users in the UK, Germany and Spain who have select Nokia phones. With Vlingo, you can speak to your phone to send a text message or email, call a friend, search the Web and open native applications.

    PinStack BlackBerry Theme Round Up - FREE Downloads
    << -- TONS of FREE BlackBerry themes!!

    SBSH PocketBreeze 5.5 Public Beta 1 released!
    BBFileScout – Powerful Free File System Manager & Text Ed


    Last week we held a HUGE contest/app giveaway for BerryBuzz, compliments of Bellshare (the makers of Instango and the PinStack App). Check out the winners list below! Congrats to the winners!

    The BerryBuzz Winners are!!!

    This week we have a NEW contest giveaway with a chance to win a brand new BlackBerry, compliments of WHERE. Check out the link below to enter a chance to win!

    Win a FREE BlackBerry Smartphone From WHERE. Enter Their Haiku Contest!


    PSCast: Episode 7 .. Keep on Stackin'

    - Tips to enhance your PinStack experience
    - WIR recap
    - Site Announcements
    - Smartphone Rumors/News

    Click HERE to download Episode 7 (don't forget accessible on your Berry thru Opera Mini)

    Link to add feed to Podcast

    Listen on iTunes (go into podcast tab, choose update and it will download)


    Have a GREAT weekend Everyone!

    Cya on the 'Stacks


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    Free blackberry' applications...discounts....and of course the PS Cast...

    Is this a great place or what?
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    Thanks for another great WIR, cherri.
    ~via smartphone

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    Thanks for the week in review, I had missed a few things while roaming the desert for a few days with little to no data coverage

    But I did get back in time for the 1/2 off deal on BerryBuzz which has quickly become a favorite app. Thanks Bellshare and PinStack

    Those haikus for the Where contest have been great. I scan that thread a few times a day and have a couple favorites already. Can't wait to see what's next
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    ask me
    Great review as always!!!
    For my theme blog, remember....
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    Thank you for doing this for us Cherri. Have a nice weekend .
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    Awesome WIR Cherri, thanks for all you do!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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