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TGIF everyone! Who's excited about the Super Bowl (click the link for some Super Bowl ... Week In Review forum

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    Smile PinStack Week in Review: Smartphone News, Updates & More


    TGIF everyone! Who's excited about the Super Bowl (click the link for some Super Bowl trivia) on Sunday? Since my Cowboys dropped the ball (literally), I'll be cheering for the Cards this weekend. Sorry Steeler fans Life in the world of smartphones has been a little slow lately with no real tangible rumors or news coming out in the past week or so. Those of you who were lucky to get your hands on the new TMO 8900, congrats! I am sooo jealous Those who are still waiting (be it for the official consumer TMO release or for other GSM carriers to release), it won't be long now

    BlackBerry News & Rumors
    RIM shares fall on report of BlackBerry glitches
    Leapfrog unveils 'baby BlackBerry' for tots
    Verizon Wireless sees 1 million BlackBerry Storms sold to date!
    T-Mobile Refreshes the BlackBerry Curve
    TMO is pulling all BOLD and CURVE models off shelves in Europe
    BlackBerry Storm Costs More To Make Than iPhone

    Iphone News & Rumors
    Apple's Advantage over the Blackberry: Way More Memory
    iPhone SDK v2.2.1 Now Available
    New iPhone firmware reveals code for next model
    Apples Next iPhone Will Rule at Gaming

    Windows Mobile News & Rumors
    Firefox Mobile may be coming to HTC Touch Pro as early as next week
    Windows Mobile: An Operating System for Adults
    T-Mobile Updates Shadow -- Now Available

    Google Android News & Rumors
    Rogue Android App Allegedly Destroying G1 Memory, Installing Adware
    Fake Android G2 Phones Invading the World
    T-Mobile G1 To Get Android OS Update
    Get Multi Touch Zoom Support for your G1

    Applications & Accessories

    Tiny Pictures Radar iPhone App available
    Mobile phone users are increasingly taking images with their camera phones and sharing them with friends around the block or around the country on social networks. Sharing of images in real-time is one of the reasons the cellular networks in Washington D.C. were strained so much during the recent inauguration of president Obama. A new application is now available for the iPhone called Tiny Pictures Radar. The purpose of the Radar app is to let iPhone users share images they take with the phone in real-time with friends on any network using any mobile device. Images can also be shared to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you like the idea of Radar but don’t use an iPhone, versions of the software are available for Java platforms, Windows Mobile, Sidekick, and Blackberry handsets. The Radar mobile website also functions with any web-enabled phone on any network around the globe.

    Otterbox Releases Defender Series for the BlackBerry Storm
    Stop traffic and turn heads with the OtterBox Defender Series case for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone fromResearch In Motion. Offering complete interaction with the keys, BlackBerry SurePress touch technology, sync/charge, USB port, camera and more, this case provides a captivating combination of looks and defense from bumps, drops and scratches. Three essential layers on this case safeguard your BlackBerry Storm smartphone from whatever the day brings: Layer 1: two built-in polycarbonate screens, one over the smartphone screen and buttons and a separate one over the camera and flash, Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell, Layer 3: Silicone skin to absorb bump and shock

    Cellular Nationwide Network 15% off sale
    Our favorite BlackBerry OEM parts reseller is having a sale! Now until February 9th, take an extra 15% off in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Use the code 'YEAROFOX' to receive your discount.

    PictureDial released for the 8900
    Dial your favorite contacts, send SMS/PIN, email and browse website using picture ids. No need to remember phone numbers and email again or what the person looks like. Just snap the picture with the camera application or use any GIF, PNG or JPG picture and use it in Picture Dial. Not only can you dial contacts but you can also send SMS/PIN and even send pre-defined sms so you don't have to type the msg, Email and browse contact website.

    EveryHour v.1.0 is released!
    EveryHour is a simple and cool application that notifies BlackBerry owner about clock event: hour event and half an hour event. EveryHour uses sound notifications to notify about the event. User can choose one of predefined sound or select from own files, choose volume and other settings. Main features include: Every hour and half an hour sound notifications, Customize sound notifications with your own files from the device memory or SDCard, Customize active period (from and to intervals), Single and multi sound, notification type, Customize sounds for notifications (sigle sound, clock chime, cuckoo, rooster), and a Special version for BlackBerry Storm

    PSCast: Episode 2 .. Let Ranx Be Heard - with Special Guest: Stack Expert GaryF

    In this week's episode of PSCast:

    - Tips to enhance your PinStack experience >> MyTools
    - Content to include when starting a new thread
    - WIR recap
    - Hands on 8900 Curve review from Ranx
    - Special discussion -- leaked beta .90 for the Storm

    Next week -- be sure to tune in for a special guest star

    Have a GREAT weekend!


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    Thanks for the review.

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    Thank you cherri for always keeping us up to date.

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    Awesome WIR as always C~ ! Thank you

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    Great review. Looking forward to PSCast #3!

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    Go Cards !!!!!!

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    Thanks for the review, as always great stuff.

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    Thanks for the Week In Review Cheeri, and congrats MCowboy - Nice Colors
    ~via BB (

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    Good stuff, Cherri. Lot of work and appreciated very much!
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    Thanks for the update Cherri!! Always useful for those like me who don't get to check the "stacks" from day to day. Thanks again!

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    We have some special surprises for next weeks PS Cast...Don't miss it!
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