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Originally Posted by Flyerguy I'm rather disappointed that Pinstack now has other mobile phone information ... Week In Review forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyerguy View Post
    I'm rather disappointed that Pinstack now has other mobile phone information and threads. I was VERY pleased with Blackberry only info. I relate it to buying a magazine with lots of advertising. I guess I'll have to go elsewhere now for my Bold info since now it'll be harder to find.
    I kind of agree with you, Flyerguy. This was the first forum site that I have EVER paid to be a member of. The fact that it was pretty much ONLY a Blackberry site was the biggest reason for that other than the fact of how nice and helpful the people are here. I can appreciate the fact that Pinstack wants to support more platforms to reach a larger population, But if I wanted to know new information and news about Iphones, Android Platform phones, Windows Mobile, etc... I would go to other forums. Its a bit of a disappointment I'm not going to go as far as saying that I won't use Pinstack as a great source of information for my Storm, but I will say that I'm probably not going to continue paying to be a member here:cry:

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    Like cherri said just click the "Blackberry Smartphones" link and you get your good old Blackberry only page

    bookmark this link if you want :

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    Thanks for an awesome week in review C~!

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    This use to be a really great site until now...I use to check pinstack evryday to see what's going on with BlackBerry. I'm a Blackberry fanatic & I would always reccamend this site to anyone I know or meet who have a blackberry. Now it seems the only place to go is Crackberry, but their mobile platform kinda sucks! I hope Pinstack will still cater to Blackberry FIRST & post threads for other devices after all blackberry needs are met first.

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