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Let's talk wireless charging. There are a few devices out now that have it. Has ... General Smartphones forum

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    Wireless Charging


    Let's talk wireless charging. There are a few devices out now that have it. Has anyone used one and what are your thoughts. If not, would you like to see this in your next phone and why.

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    I've looked at a Qi on Amazon. Most reviews on the s4 are positive. I use my device while plugged in, so it doesn't offer anything for me.

    I would like to mod a dock (seen instructions) for a vehicle. Until I can afford parts it will have to wait.

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    Good topic. I'm surprised few of us have taken to it. I on the other hand, have gone the exaggerated route. I have one on my bedside table, one downstairs which everyone in the family uses and and another on my home desk. At the office I have one on my desk too. And one for the car. this one especially, is very useful. Why? Because it's just plain convenient to drop your smartphone on the charger and there's no need for cables. Then, on top of it all, it seems (my impression) that it charges quicker.
    Let me explain further. We all have Lumias - it seems as my family has undertaken a coup d'etat of sorts. There's a Lumia 1020 (mine) a 925 (also mine but which any member of the family has access to) the wife and my eldest and youngest have a 2 x 920 and a 820. Makes you think, right? Geez, Windows Phone has taken over. I wonder why...
    Which leaves my other favorite iPhone 5 (and my daughter has one as well) completely lost in this environment.
    And I'll go further: with the Lumias (all of them) these wireless chargers also serve for profile tagging. There are specific apps that work with NFC. So, every single member of my family has a different Profile set up on their Lumias to suit their specific needs. I for instance, when I'm at the office, I have a specific set up. At my desk, at home, another, and when I go to sleep, another one. I get into the car, and there's another one again. So every wireless charging base has a multitude of functions that can suit anyone, and their particular smartphone. Got it?
    This is called "extreme usefullness"... and I repeat. The iPhones are lost in the void again. The Android equivalent don't offer, as far as I know, all these "perks", instead they just plain charge the smartphone. Maybe I'm wrong.
    I'm sure wireless charging will still develop further. These wireless charging thingamajigs are going to offer various advantages and even more and varied uses, in the near future.
    As far as charging it's the way to go. As far as tagging, and profiling, only if you have a Lumia at the moment
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