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    wifi calls on prepaid?


    I was able to bring my 8320 back to life after leaving it in a bowl of rice for a week or so,
    After my 1yr old drop it in the toliet but any who. I gave
    My 8320 to my 16yr old who has a prepaid account on tmo and she has
    Been able to go online but not make phone call is there anything I need to do to so she can make free phone calls?

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    You can't make free phone calls on a pre-paid account, even tho the device is wi-fi. Take it from one who has a spare phone (currently 8120) on a T-Mo pre-paid account. You get charged minutes either way. I found it more reliable to stop the wi-fi when making calls because, although it will use the wi-fi (and charge you minutes) I got SO MANY dropped calls using wi-fi. You may not have that problem.
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