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Pinstack rocks. At times we're at each others necks and then we all climb in ... General Smartphones forum

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    Pinstack rocks. At times we're at each others necks and then we all climb in for the kiss of life...
    Well done.
    Jay, another consideration (and this is good for all of us) is to actually go to the Apple/Google personal accounts and see how much each of us has invested in apps for the particular ecosystem. I know I have. It's a decision maker. Yikes!

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    For me the app thing boiled down and included the lack of need for a pc.

    With Mobile Odin (4.99 I think) I can flash. tar files such as kernels and modems, or even full roms from the device and inject root. Odin is for Samsung devices and it requires a pc/Mac. Chainfire created the app and it has been incredibly useful. Others like ROM toolbox that simplify tweaks, and spare parts are investment apps as well.

    I also thought about the time. I have spent countless hours reading and learning. With that I feel useful here, which is priceless to me.

    Above all though...I'd have nothing to argue about with Capdot.

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    ^^^ That is in the end what makes the decision for a lot of people the eco system they have invested in. Those with Apple have spent quite a bit on Apps, got used to the OS and don't want to change, same with Android, but at least with Android there are many more phones to choose from (if the patent battles don't close them down), if you are low on cash you can get a cheaper model and still use your Apps. To change OS you may have to move your pictures/music Apps to another system in or out of ITunes. I suppose even RIM with the BB10 will be able to run the Android Apps which may help them a bit
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