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Which service provider are you with? I am with T-Mo for last 5 years. I ... General Smartphones forum

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    Who is the best?


    Which service provider are you with? I am with T-Mo for last 5 years. I like their customer service and cost effective plan but I am absolutely not happy with their coverage.

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    At&t has more bars in more places.
    Verizon is the largest network.
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    I have been with TMobile since 2003 and although I'm happy with coverage, my experience with their lack of durable phones is getting to me now. Also the price increase in taxes, etc has me looking elsewhere.
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    I'm with tmobile, I love everything about it. But at work we use att and to be honest I wouldn't touch ATT with a ten foot pole. There customer service is terriable and the cost is outagious.
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    I think T-Mobile's coverage and phone selection is getting a lot better. I checked the coverage for 3G in my area and you can't throw a rock that would miss a 3G zone here. That's good. What was bad was that they didn't have any 3G BBs for T-Mo but with the release of the 9700 that will change. Plus their plans have always been affordable. I think the only issue I've had was with their customer service lately but that's only cause of my BBs needing replacing every few months. But as long as they send me a nice dent free phone I'm happy.
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    I got sprint it works good been with them for like 7 or 6 years n my phone worked every where I went through the u.s n customer service has been good to me so in the end sprints cool
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    I had Tmobile service was too weak for me. There cs is good. Then I had Sprint and Nextel at seperate times and they both had great cs for me. Now I have att and I can't complain. So far so good. Just a few times my bold goes into dumb mode and its usually at the wrong times. But can't yell and fuss just yet lol.
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