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I'd luv to c the upcoming Blackberries with the ability to maneuver across the homepage ... General Smartphones forum

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    what I'd like to see in/on a Blackberry...


    I'd luv to c the upcoming Blackberries with the ability to maneuver across the homepage much like u would on a desktop. I'd luv to be able to open different browser screens and "reduce" them on the homescreen and just be able to click on them individually as I need to go to them. Granted that I'm not sure what type of overhaul would be needed on the OS, its just something that I would luv to c. That way I can have 2 or 3 "screens" open and can close them individually as I don't need them. That will keep me from hitting the back button repeatedly or typing in the web address to get to what I want.
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    That's a great idea. I would like that too. Course, the last time ia said that to someone, they were lke, well, there are cell phones that are microsoft windows based os. Why didn't u buy one of those. Lol! But I have had the same thought, many times myself! Good post.
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    Good point, what I do is, have opera, bolt and bb browser opened at the same time and use app switch to go to each one, not what your asking but it works for me
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    that is a good option thanks for the info ealvnv!

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    Something tabbed would be nice, or like the iPhone OS does, I have 5 different pages open on my iPod's very easy and fast to move from one page to another or open a new one.
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