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    What can I do next to restore service?


    Hi, I have a Nextel 8350i using Boost. Here is what I had working on it: Native Blackberry Browser, Operamini, Blackberry Maps, Nimbuzz, Gmail, BB MMS, etc. The other day I was trying a new application called Turn Radio On. It did not seem like it was working so I deleted it even though the message said it was in use and did I still want to delete it. I deleted it. Also, I was trying to change my signal bar back from numbers to bars and may have hit the wrong keys before I hit Alt, NUMLL. Well, because of my carelessness, I cannot get on the internet, I cannot receive or send calls, mms, gmail, etc. Under Options, Advanced, Mobile Network it says Data Services On, Mobile Network 100316. Also under Advanced, in Host Routing Table it says No Entries. I am using Desktop Manager 4.7, Nextel 8350i, Boost service, and until last night everything was working fine. Except for I could never get Shangmail to work. I made a very dumb mistake! I was wondering what to do next? Should I delete my service books and then reinstall them? I tried taking the battery out numerous times and even used quick pull a few times but all i get is the Wi-Fi signal logo. I hope to get this phone back to normal with the understanding that it is a tool to communicate with not a toy. If anyone can help thanks!
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    First thing to try is going back into HRT and click the menu key and select register. If that doesn't do it then you could try service books but if you have no service they may not get pushed to your device.

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