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I know Christmas is over, But I thought I share, to all you Ipad and ... General Smartphones forum

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    Smile Things to do with your Ipad and Iphone


    I know Christmas is over, But I thought I share, to all you Ipad and iphone lovers!!
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    Now even though I'm a BlackBerry Fan that was cool. I'm also a musician as well and I'm impressed

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    It's amazing... Wow !

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    I'm thinking about getting either an ipad or a new ipod touch later this year. I'm able to take my old ipod touch to work and listen to it some, since it's pretty small, so I've gotten a ton of use out of it. I bought it for music and videos, mainly, before the app store and games ever came out. Now I'm an avid portable gamer, lol. I really want an ipad, but I don't think I'll be able to use it much at work due to the size. I know I'd enjoy it at home, but I'm usually so busy with family stuff, that I'm not sure it would get as much use as a new touch. Anyway, thought I'd randomly post my thoughts, haha.

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    I love iphone!but Now i can't afford it,so I will work harder!

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