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1) Iphone 3G, Curve 8300 2) Email, Text Messaging, Browsing, IM, 3rd Party Apps 3) ... General Smartphones forum

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    Ask Me


    1) Iphone 3G, Curve 8300
    2) Email, Text Messaging, Browsing, IM, 3rd Party Apps
    3) Exchange Mail, 3G, WiFi,
    4) Iphone, Bold, 8900 (Not neccessarily in that order)
    5) Tend to agree, without a stable OS, most everything else is suspect to operate properly. I said "tend to agree" only because I can't think of anything more important at the moment. Doesn't mean I won't think of something else later.

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    1. Blackberry 8310
    2. Email and text
    3. One that works out of the box and I don't have to go thru 5 to get one that works right.
    4. Blackberries all the way. 9000, 9320
    5. AGREE. If the OS doesn't work the phone is junk, biggest problem is they keep wanting to put out the newest OS and forget to make it work right


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    1. Proud owner of the Storm 9530
    2. I use email the most, BBM second, and web browsing third.
    3. Email, full keyboard, fast and reliable
    4. Storm, 8900, 8330
    5. Of course the OS is important, but everything combined is most important. Reliability, durability, ease of use, function, etc.

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    currently running a bb 8900 and loving every minute of it.
    I use browsing ( online business management and further research for the business)
    I also use podrapper, viigo weather eye , bbm. msn messenger, etc
    the features I would buy a smartphone would be many different connectivity options lie wifi Bluetooth 3g email text messenger etc as well as large intern memory unless able to expand.
    3 picks I would go for storm possible iphone and bold.
    os is truly the most imprtant part of the phone. it's reliability, its security, speed od the phone. it's basic functionality is crucial to any phone no matter what phone it is!!
    ~via smartphone

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