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    The Tale of 2 Smartphones. Storm2 meets the Moto-Droid.


    I must first say that the day I got my Storm2, I recieved the best Blackeberry I have owned to date. The touch screen is awesome, Wifi rocks and the 5.0 OS is leaps and bounds above anything RIM has previously released. Then a little over a week later I went and picked up the Moto- Droid.

    With the Droid there are so many apps and games. I have hardly scratched the surface, but the ones I've tried have been useful, useless and sometimes fun. The biggest drawback to me as far as the two devices is the touch keyboard on the Droid and the lack of BBM.

    If I could get the Storm 2 touch keyboard on the Droid I would never look back. Right now it looks like I will be sporting 2 devices. One of the main reasons is I don't have BBM on my Droid and have way to many contacts on BB that I don't want to lose touch with and another is the fact I hate trying to navigate PinStack on my Droid but love it on my S2. I will have to make a choice at some point but right now I am not totally ready to do it. So just call me the Storm-Droid Both devices have thier plus sides as well as thier minus sides. I guess we will see what happens.

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    LOL I was doing the same for awhile. I was packing an iPod Touch and my BB and/or SK3. Now I'm down to the BB. Did you ever put the data only package on the Storm like you had posted that thread for?

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