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My contract is up on 4/8 I have BB8330 now and with Verizon. Been thinking ... General Smartphones forum

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    Question Suggestions on a new smartphone


    My contract is up on 4/8 I have BB8330 now and with Verizon. Been thinking about the Motrola Droid any comments or suggestions on it or any other phone out there. Thanks

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    Do you want to extend your contract? If not, the unlocked N1 is coming to VZ. If you don't care about upping your contract, then a buy one get one free Droid is totally worth it
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    A friend of mine just got the Droid Eris from Verizon, and to be honest, after playing with it for a little while all I could say was wow! Right now, though it, I think, is running google's Android 1.5, but there is supposed to be a new release in the near future where it will be running 2.0, the same as the Droid. Really the 2 big differences are that the Eris is smaller, and a full touch screen, where the Droid is bigger and has the slide out physical keyboard.

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    I was just thinking about this same topic. I'm looking to do an all touchscreen, such as the Eris (though the Droid seems beefier and when is the upgrade coming for the Eris?), but what about the Nexus One? My contract comes due in May and it would just be to continue my contract (new every 2 whatever, lol). Any other thoughts??
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    ask me
    My best suggestion guys is search around, look for reviews and see if the device fits your needs in both ways, everyday use and budget...

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    It's very difficult...
    It took me 6 months of thinking to switch from HTC Polaris (HTC Touch Cruise) to HTC Blackstone (HTC Touch HD).
    And that was during period when HTC Leo (HTC Touch HD2) was already 6 months on the market!

    But, as ealvnv wrote, you have to look at everyday use (that's why I have not bought HD2 - I can operate HD with gloves on, or with fingernail) and budget.
    And of course, look/design of the smartphone and operating system are important factors.

    It would be best if you could try device you are interested about. For at least 24 hours of intensive use, I'd say...
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    The DROID is definitely more powerful than the Eris and is using the newest Android 2.1 version now. I have had mine since launch weekend and love it. Go to the store and spend time playing with all your choices. See what you like, don't like, test all the features you think you will use most....and ask lots of specific questions.
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    If you are not into the Droid, the Eris is a nice is essentially a Hero. But I agree with everyone in that you need to figure out what works best for you.

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    I know everyone that has one raves about how good it is, well it is.
    Hated apple before my boss told me I had to get a iPhone. Wanted to hate it but it's a joy to use. Thought about android but the iPhone is a good solid performer.

    Hope u enjoy which ever one u get
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