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    Question Standy/Mute button doesn't work until I do a battery pull!


    I usually put my BB on standby before slipping it into its leather holder or before I put it in my coat pocket so that I don't accidentally call someone or launch an app. I also notice that the trackball stops lighting up when the standy/mute button stops working. The standby/mute button works fine for awhile but will all of a sudden stop working during the day and will not work again unless I do a battery pull.

    After a battery pull, everything will work fine, then for the rest of the day they stop working again. I have begun to lock the BB to get around putting it on standy mode; however, as for muting a call, I would not be able to know if the mute button will work when I need it to because the button stops working at random and stays unresponsive until the battery pull. Does anyone else have this problem? It's a little annoying.

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    Being that a battery pull tends to fix the problem, I would say it's a software issue. Have you recently added or removed any applications to/from the device?
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