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my understanding is that SMS text messages are supposed to be unsecure because many copies ... General Smartphones forum

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    SMS messages unsecure?


    my understanding is that SMS text messages are supposed to be unsecure because many copies are left on servers and the phone.
    what I want to know is can they also be read by hackers and the nsa or government?
    What about secure messaging like tigertext or secure text?
    Most of these like tigertext have an auto-delete feature but does that make them secure?
    Just trying to stack up against all the other pins...

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    Any message that has to travel between servers is theoretically insecure in that someone, somewhere has access to the log or the message body itself. BBM may have been the exception.

    Regardless of the privacy policy "secure" apps have access on the servers used to route the message. You have to trust that its being enforced.

    Autodelete would have to delete all traces. I'm not versed on those apps, but I'd guess that they do, if you trust the developer. The only way aside from policy is to decompile the app and see what it does at code level. I'm not competent enough to do such a thing. If they are open source you could, in theory see what happens at user level.

    Even apps like SnapChat have work around to their autodelete features on the user end, some notify the sender of screen captures, bit I've seen workarounds to that on xda.

    This is merely from what I've read, I reserve the right to be wrong.


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    If it goes over the internet,cell connection. Then yes it's not secure to a certain point. The only way to have full proof security is to not send things over any connection. Everything has it's back door and there's no way thatI'd trust ANY third party developer, no matter how reputable he may be with my information. To answer your question. No, not one single thing is secure in it's absolute definition. Not your banks,email,messages(no matter the kind).


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