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    When Palm and BlackBerry were noob companies, their devices were primarily marketed and used as electronic organizers. The RIM 850/950 had phone capabilities and email, but its strength was as an organizer; same with the 857 and the first "BlackBerry", the 5790, which finally introduced SMS. I don't know anything about Palm except for its Rep - as an organizer.

    I'm curious whether anyone alive besides me uses their Smartphone primarily as an organizer, and uses its communication abilities as a secondary thing? I love the internet, the multimedia, the bells and whistles on my Boldie. However, my primary purpose for the device is to keep me organized. That's one reason I stick with BlackBerry, is its superior PIM applications - Calendar, Tasks, recordkeeping and security. Anybody else like me?

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    Hi Mark
    The primary reason I acquired a Smartphone ( a Nokia many years ago) was for that reason. The BB was my 2nd option back then, and I was very happy the way it kept my work and personal life very well organized. The best there is ... Contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. All well synced and an email service equal to none, at the time. I still have the BB' s (9700 and 9520) running, without any hitches except for the occasional and necessary battery pull.
    For the last two months I' ve tried the iPhone and the iPad. And these two have taken the Mickey out of the BB. I now have the capability of organizing my PIM's across all my usable platforms ( work pc, home Pc, remote printing etc and all sync I do I'd wireless - this is a big plus for me.

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    yeah mark,i'm about 50/50 on organizer and communications. BB's are great and always will be but i think they are no longer king on organization. you might want to check out the waters and see what else might fit your needs. as delfim said,the iphone fits his needs very well. as for me android is great for what i need. it's wireless sync with all my gmail accounts is very useful and keeps all my goodies safe in case i lose or trash my handheld.
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    I use the calendar, notes, tasks, and address book in addition to the phone, text, email and messaging features on my BB. I tried Windows Mobile for 5 months, and loved it, but found I missed the simplicity of the BB OS too much. I couldn't multitask as easily and then the signal issues the last 2 months (June and July) were the breaking point. I have not dropped as much reception (except last week) as I did when using WM.

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    Ask Me
    I use my bb as an orgnisor, but love being able to search the web and navigation too. My bb bold (9000) is dying though so I am looking for an upgrade and am being tempted away due to the low memory issues with bb

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    This is one of the primary reason's to have a smart phone.

    When I first bought my Blackberry, I bought it for the email, but shortly after that I was using it more to keep track of event's, appointment's, and just about everything else. It has kept me organized, and "I forgot" seems to be a thing of the past.

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