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    Question Smartphone Purchase Advice


    New user hear who is looking for advice on which smartphone platform and device to purchase. Have never owned a smartphone, but in the past have owned several PDA type devices from Palm, HP and most recently an Ipod Touch.


    Purchase Timing: Sometime in March

    - Verizon - only real option in my area

    Primary Uses:
    - Phone
    - Web Browsing
    - Email: Yahoo, Google and Business (microsoft exchange)
    - GPS Navigation

    Secondary Uses:
    - Music and Video (Primarily during air travel)
    - Viewing (and possible manipulation) of various buisiness documents (word, excel and pdf files)
    - Camera (flash important)

    Have looked at a number of phones and prefer the smaller (4" and under) screen size as I usually carry the phone in my front pants pocket and am concerned that this might be a problem with larger phones (like the droid x)

    No real preference on platform as long as compatible with both my home (macbook pro) and business (MS XP) laptops.

    Looking forward to your advice and feedback.

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    Welcome to the Stack, there are a number of devices that would probably fit the bill. I'm packing a Bold which the screen size may be a bit small for you. The Torch may do it for you as well. Compatability on Windows and Mac are doable I'm sure. I'm sure you will get some good feedback and advise.

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    For VZW I would look at both the Storm 2 and the Bold 9650. The storm is going to provide a full touch screen where as the bold will have a full qwerty keyboard instead. Both units will have video capable cameras with led flash as well as full email support including exchange sync. Both units will also have wifi for those times you are off network completely as well as being true global with quad band GSM and dual band CDMA radios. Hopefully VZW will get a newer device with OS 6.0 preinstalled rather than running a beta. As much as I love my bold with OS 6, it is a memory hog.


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    I'd say wait past March...wait till July. Everyone knows Apple releases the new iPhone sometime towards the end of June. So, I'd say wait for the new iPhone and compare it to all the wannabe iPhones out there and see which is the best choice for your needs. Remember it's entirely up to you and your daily preferences. If you only need a device for emails and corporate junk then go with a BB oh and if you're a bbm junkie then I'd say go with it.

    If you don't like that whole mumble jumbo about the bbm crap then go with android...There is a huge line of Android based phones out there but be super careful because almost every time a new Android based phone comes out almost monthly and sad to say not all of them are upgradeable, what do I mean by this?

    All these manufacturers are releasing so many of these Android based phones but what the regular John Doe doesn't know is that not all these devices come equipped with the latest version of the OS (Android) and in most cases the only way some of the owners are not fortunate and have no other choice but to get a new phone. Apple on the other hand releases one type of phone which has upgrades and you don't have to upgrade to another phone to get that upgrade.

    There are pros and cons on all arenas but you have to do your research and go one step above what most consumers don't realize when purchasing a phone, also you want to maintain your phone's value. If you want to upgrade to a new phone and not have to dish out so much $$$ for it you want to make sure you still benefit from your phone by selling it and be able to upgrade without having to dish out any cash.

    I've been doing this with my last two iPhones and trust me I was left with money to spare after selling it and after upgrading to their new installment. Be careful with your choice that's all I have to say.

    Last tip, be sure to know that all these smartphones do require some kind of knowledge about computers. Let's face it people that buy a phone because it's the latest thing out there and don't know what a USB cable is or what OS stands for is practically doomed and will be carrying nothing else but a flashy brick.

    Good luck with your choice
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