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    Policy.bin file on pc


    I wonder if anybody can help me. I removed the IT Policy from my friends BB by downloading the policy.bin file, updating the path in the registry, wiping her BB and running it via the DM.

    The thing I need to know now is once I removed the IT Policy do I now need to delete the policy.bin file from my pc as when I connect my BB to the DM will it still detect this file and mess up my BB or can I just leave it on my pc in case I ever need to use it again.

    If it is that I need to uninstall it from my pc will I need to go back into the registry and fix anything or will it all just revert back to normal.

    I forgot all about it and when I plugged in my BB all my permissions for internet were popping up on my BB asking me I wanted to allow this and that to connect to the server and was wondering if this policy.bin had anything to do with it.

    Any help would be most welcome.

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    Note that the registry key is User specific. This means you can do like me and have one account on your computer that references the Policy.bin file and one that doesn't. My blackberry is on a BES so my account does not use the Policy.bin and I sync it with Outlook at home with no issues. My wife has a personal blackberry so I use that account when I want to reset blackberries using the local blank policy.bin file.

    Bottom line: you do not need to remove the file.
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