CB member BlackberryPimp found a little surprise while looking through the OS files. I knew there was a user guide just failed to look through it. Well, BlackberryPimp did and he came up with a few surprises. After looking through the user guide it sure does look like this user guide may possibly be for the Storm 2. One BIG fact that leads us to believe this is the section about WiFi. We all know the Storm that everyone has and that was leaked for (which, is where this user guide came from) does NOT have wifi, however, this user guide has a section talking about WiFi. See image below.

A few other facts that BlackberryPimp pointed out was that the user guide does in fact show pictures of the new buttons. Which are def not on the current storm.

If you want to read this user guide yourself, simply go into the SHARED FOLDER inside the RIM folder which is located in your program files. Scroll to the bottom and you will see it.

Side note and off topic : A Tour version exists as well.