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i am new to this site and new to blackberry phones i was wondering if ... General Smartphones forum

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    Question need help with bb8330 sprint PLEASE READ


    i am new to this site and new to blackberry phones i was wondering if anybody can help me out with a issue i been having for like 2 days now it involves certain picture that i download from the computer and install it into my media card and when i go into my media it will freeze up and its only one picture that those this and i don't know why and one of my buddies downloads it from there phone and sends it it becomes fine and doesn't freeze up my phone i dunno what is wrong if you can be an assist to me on my issue i would appreciate it thank you for reading
    also the picture is jpeg so it should work i mean i have other formats in my blackberry and it doesn't freeze up my phone its actually a picture on the web that i save if you go to yahoo and type in lucifer star machine then select images it will be the first image on the first row the one that is black and white with a spade and a skull in the middle and a star on each side...
    I don't know what is wrong with this picture but when i install it i would open up my blackberry and install directly int my pictures folder on my card by the way i have a sandisk 8GB media card anyways i install it and it seems fine so i unplug the usb and go into my media icon on my blackberry once i click pictures i go into my pictures and it freezes up and this never happen before either.

    i also try installing it with the roxio manager that comes with the blackberry desktop and same thing and its only this one picture i dont know why everything else i install and its fine i even install bmp to and i even install pics that are 1.9MB bmp and it works fine on my bb so i dont know what is it i have reformatted my media card i don't know how many times i have reinstall my os that originally came with my blackberry as well and i did everything i could possible do what do you guys think it is

    i manage to install it however when i went into my media then my pictures it took about 5 minutes to unfreeze i dont know what the issue is because i have install this picture before and it never happen before those anybody hav any suggestions or something should i maybe change the format of the picture to something else i would appreciate it if something helps me out thanks guys
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    Try loading the picture by plugging in your BB directly to your PC and accessing the removable drive... it should show up as another drive letter... see if you're able to see the picture there... you might also want to check the dimensions of the picture... the max dimension size is 1600x1200 if the pic is larger than that try downsizing it... hopefully this helps... it not repost and maybe another stacker can assist with this also

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