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I had an 8800 for a few years and decide to upgrade to a Bold. ... General Smartphones forum

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    My take on Iphone 3G vs Bold


    I had an 8800 for a few years and decide to upgrade to a Bold. The local store was out of stock and talked me into an Iphone 3G. They said they would waive the restock fee if i went back to BB.

    When I first used the Iphone i was very excited-it seemed to do lots of things well and the browser is great. right away I felt like this was the phone for me.

    I downloaded lots of apps and they all worked well, I was impressed.

    I had the phone with me on vacation and as the days went by I realized some things- many of the tasks I use my BB for were much more of a PITA with Iphone.
    1) the basic phone- the BB wakes on holster removal and then I press 2 buttons to call home. the Iphone needs several motions to make a call, and the top edge of the iphone feels sharp against my ear.
    2)I like to just start typing on the BB and it comes up with the phone app and the name(s) i am typing-The iphone will do this, but you have to enter the search function.
    3) email actually pushes vice the phone having to ask for it. (iphone will push Yahoo mail)
    4)I very much like the Bold keyboard-better than the 8800 and much better than the touch screen)
    5) I use lots of reminders/alarms and the BB does this much better, I download sevaral free and pay apps on the Iphone and didnt find one that was even close to the stock BB app.
    6) bold has much better battery life for similar use.

    When I first got the Bold I was having Iphone withdrawl and regretted sending the iphone back, but I soon realized that the Bold did the most important functions (to me)easier. many of the things the iphone did better were gimics or novelty type stuff that would loss their attraction soon.

    The iphone browser is something I do miss, the BB app does not even compare-although it is functional and reliable- the iphone seemed much faster on the net with similar signal strength.

    Just my 2 cents, I went back to BB and I'm glad I did. the Iphone is awesome, but the Bold is more useful to me.

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    Great comparison. I like the fact that you keep the review centered around what works for you.
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    Agree with Drice it's nice to see comparisons that actually use individual comparisons of functions and features rather then the usual, "iPhone is just a toy" or "BB's are more for business". Those generalities are what cause people who are on the fence to go with a device that may not fit them whatsoever.
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    Cool. Good comparison.

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    That was very handy to know ripperj! Thanks

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