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I had browsed a few posts and came across this one by HUE03 (which is ... General Smartphones forum

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    I had browsed a few posts and came across this one by HUE03 (which is copied below) - I followed the steps and moved my encrypted files into a temp folder on my BB. When I click move here or move into it says "File System Error" does anyone know why this is happening and if there is a way to correct this?

    Thank you!

    Hey guys. Great news. I think I've found the most efficient method of decrypting the files.
    1. Turn off future encryptions
      • Go to Options -> Media Card
      • Set Encrypt Media Files to No
      • Note: Despite what people say, you do not have to set Encryption Mode to None - this has nothing to do with your encrypted media files

    2. Move the encrypted files in order to decrypt them
      • Go to Media
      • Press the Menu key
      • Select Explore
      • Navigate to the directory containing your encrypted files
      • Create a temporary folder
      • Move the encrypted files into the temporary folder
      • Note: If you have media files in other directories that need to be decrypted, don't put them in this temporary folder. Instead, create a separate temporary folder in that directory and repeat these steps. This way, you can remember the files' original location
      • For impatient people (like me) or people with way too many encrypted files: To quickly decrypt files:
        • Move one file into the temporary folder using any method (this lets the BB remember the temporary folder as the folder you will be moving future files into)

        • Scroll to the next file
        • Press the Menu key
        • Press the M key (this highlights Move)
        • Click the trackball
        • Press the Menu key
        • Press the M key (this highlights Move here)
        • Click the trackball
        • Rinse & repeat

    3. Clean up
      • Technically, you could use the BB interface to clean up, but if you have way too many files, you'll want to use the Mass Storage Mode - this is more efficient, allows you to navigate the directories quickly, and allows your files to move to their original directories quickly
      • Use the USB cord to connect your BB to a computer and enable Mass Storage Mode
      • Navigate to the temporary folders
      • Move the containing files to their original directories
      • Delete the temporary folders

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    im getting a similar error message, "media card is secured by another device. Unable to save encrypted file." Have you ran into this as well?

    also could you walk me though the steps and specify when the problem is happening.

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    I've created the temporary folder and for some reason when i move them into the temp folder I don't get the option rinse and repeat? LOST:---(

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