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I currently own BB 8320 and this is my third Blackberry from 83xx series. I ... General Smartphones forum

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    Is Blackberry 85xx a newer version of Blackberry 83xx?


    I currently own BB 8320 and this is my third Blackberry from 83xx series. I started thinking about getting a new Blackberry as I'm sick and tired of getting an hourglass few times a day despite the newest OS etc.

    My question is- can you say that 85xx is an updated version of 83xx?

    And by the way, what do you think about 85xx? I assume you get a nice handset for a good price but maybe it's worth spending a little bit more money and get a Blackberry 8900, Bold 2 or something?

    All your help and advice would be deeply appreciated! Thanks guys.

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    8900 is an awesome device, I have a friend with an 85XX and he likes it ok, but now wishes for the 9700. . LOL

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    Don't waste your money on 85xx, 8900 is the ultimate in the Curve series. If you're looking for something other than a Curve, go with 9700.

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    I've got the 8900 and my wife has 8520. Both are awesome devices but I'd go with the 9700. If that's not an option decide whether you need GPS which the 8520 is lacking and the 8900 has and whether you like an optical track pad or a track ball. I don't like the optical track pad much but it may grow on me. But for that reason I'm gonna hold off getting the 9700 till something newer comes out with the re-vamped OS or get the Storm 2.
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    Thanks for this. I had totally forgotten the fact that the 8520 doesn't have GPS (although it is listed on as having assisted GPS). I would rather go for the WiFi and optical trackpad instead which makes the 8520 the better choice for me, along with the dedicated media buttons on the top of the phone. But what will the HIGHEST OS of the 8520 be?

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    ask me
    I have a 9700. So worth it! Imo, the next best thing would be the 8900

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