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With two new devices just right around the corner. The Droid Incredible by hTC, and ... General Smartphones forum

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    Question Incredible or Apple?


    With two new devices just right around the corner. The Droid Incredible by hTC, and the new Apple iPhone 4.0.

    Which do you want?

    Im shooting towards the hTC. The features seem to be more up to par. You judge them for yourself.

    Incredible hTC Apple 4.0

    HTC-Droid-Incredible-Handset-on-Verizon-Wireless.jpg apple-iphone-hd-concept.jpg

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    I know some people who have had the incredible since it launched a while back and love it, I know others who have ordered it but it's on 4-5 weeks backorder so they are eagerly awaiting it's arrival. If the iPhone comes to VZW I will consider it, but never on AT&T....
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    Just got my Incredible yesterday. For me, it's living up to its name.
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    Love the Incredible!! We now have root so it's even more Incredible. Like azstar said if the iPhone comes to VZW then I'll pick one up to have but i've been through enough with AT&T and my 3G. It's a iTouch now.

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