to start lets look at the processors: (30 points)
HTC went with a Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon chipset with a Dual-core 1.2 GHz Scorpion CPU and an adreo 220 GPU. the CPU is asynchronous meaning the second core is only used if its needed resulting in much higher battery life.

(16 points awarded for processing power)
(10 points awarded for effective power usage)

samsung went with a Exynos chipset with a duel core 1.2 GHz cortex A9 CPU and a Mali-400MP GPU.

(20 points awarded for processing power)
(0 points awarded for effective power usage)

customization: (7 points)

HTC: using the sense 3 ui, I'd say this one goes to htc hands down because it allows so many modifications.

(7 points awarded)

Samsung wasn't very creative when it came to this one. (2 points awarded)

quality of basic pre-installed apps (3 points)

HTC: (3 points)

samsung: the messenger is terrible (2 points)

software (30 points) HTC: android 2.3 - htc sense 3: allows a large amount of additional features such as: Flip, clever ringing, htc skins, fastboot-sub 11 seconds. (29 points awarded)

samsung: android 2.3-touchwiz 4: runs much smoother than sense and much lighter, eg needs less ram to function. it takes sub-26 seconds to boot. (21 points awarded)

now we look at display: (10 points)

HTC: S-LCD with a 256 PPi (8 points awarded)

Samsung: super AMOLED with 217 PPi (7 points awarded)

Build quality: 10 points.

HTC: very strong device and high use of metals. (10 points awarded).

Samsung: that flimsy piece of plastic holding the battery is terrible but the phone will still survive a few bumps. (5 points awarded).

Total: Sensation: 83 points.

SII: 57

the point of this thread is to share opinions and reviews. so give your ideas and reviews about the above mentioned devices.