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    So if you know nothing about Google Voice I'm sure you have heard folks talking about it. It allows you to have one number for all of your lines and has slew of options that you can customize to your liking. A few of the features include the ability to set up voice mail greetings for each individual contact. Your voicemail is transcribe for you and is fairly decent but could always use work. You can check your voice mail the old fashion way by calling your number, you can check it online and if you have a Android phone you can use the app to check them. You can choose not to use Google Voice as your voice mail provider if you like also. You can send FREE text messages through the app and online. Until now you needed a Invite from Google or someone who has some to spare, not any more. Google has opened up Google Voice to the public. Google blog about Google voice and what it is. Set up your account here . Enjoy! Any questions can be posted in this thread and one of the experts here will be glad to assist and point you in the right direction.
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