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I was thinking last night about the device protection plan that I have been paying ... General Smartphones forum

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    I was thinking last night about the device protection plan that I have been paying for with T-Mobile and figured that now I have a At&t device I probably ought to cancel the coverage because surely they wouldn't cover my unlocked At&t device. Here is where it all began.

    I was pleasantly surprised that my At&t device is covered under warranty because I had the protection plan in place when switching devices. I told the rep that I also noticed on my account that I was eligible for 4gb of data for $15 instead of the 2gb of data for $20 that I was currently on.

    The rep said let's look at your plan which I have 5 devices on and paying $177, 2 with unlimited everything and 2 gb of data, 3 with unlimited text and 500 whenever minutes, no data. The rep stated he could do better than that and because of my loyalty as a 9 year customer he migrated me over to a new plan which is:

    2 lines with Unlimited everything, 2.5 gbs of data, slower speed after
    3 lines with unlimited everything, 500 mgb of data, unlimited slower speed after

    This at a cost of $150 with no locked in commitments to T-Mobile, all migration fees were waived.

    And just think all I did was ask a question, Thank You Very Much T-Mobile
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    It's a competitive market out there. Kudos to T-Mobile for changing the game.

    Still nobody but Solavei that PAYS you to refer people. Just sayin'. Keep watching. It's all about the value proposition.
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    Good break...I had a similar experience, with Verizon. I questioned some charges, and I did complain a bit. The rep checked out my account -- and made a suggestion -- which resulted in almost a 25% savings on my monthly charge. In addition, because of an ongoing billing issue (not getting a corporate discount which I was entitled to) -- the rep gave me a $250 credit!!! That made up for about a $20 a month discount I should have been getting for about a year.

    In my area, Northern NJ, Verizon is king, service-wise that is. I have been with them for almost 20 years, but I do remember that even as of 5 years ago, AT&T had dead spots, T-Mobile coverage was sparse in certain areas here and Sprint was a bit sporatic -- all this in Northern NJ, a few miles from NYC. It is a competitive market and the carriers should be doing more. I've always felt that if they didn't, people should move if they can.

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