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    Post Curve 8310 Issues...... (Freezing)


    Hello Pinstack family, I hope that all is well. I've been experiencing issues with my BB Curve whereas though is keeps freezing (hour glass keeps circulating) & I have to pull the battery to do a reset and that clears the matter for a few, then it goes right back to the same thing. I read where if it was doing that then the memory card might be full (which mine isn't); I even pulled it out (still out) and the phone is doing the same thing. I'm fairly new to BB but am getting quite familiar with it but this has been puzzled. The only thing I have that "I" think could be causing the problem is the 2 background/screen savers that I added to the phone, but I don't want to delete them and that not be my issue (no music downloads, etc). Please help if you can.



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    Welcome to PinStack, DeVaughn465!

    What OS are you running on your device? If you are not on a 4.5 OS, you might want to consider upgrading. To check your version, go to Options>About and the third line down will contain OS information.

    Please go to Options>Status and check the File Free reading. Could be you're running low on device memory and need to do some simple housecleaning.

    Applications that continuously run in the background will definitely cause the spinning hourglass. To check and see what you have running, press and hold the left Alt key, then press the Esc key (to the right of the trackball) continuously to scroll through the apps running in the background. There are generally five or so applications that are always running, including BBM, home screen, phone call log, browser and messages. Anything else that doesn't require running in the background should be closed by going into the application itself and exiting out.

    You'll also want to remove any unwanted applications, themes, games, ringtones, etc. You should also delete e-mails, texts, phone call logs, use the memory cleaner, clear your browser cache and the event log on a regular basis.

    To clear browser cache, open the browser, then press the BB menu button (to the left of the trackball). Select Options, then Cache Operations and clear that information out.

    If you're on a 4.5 OS you can use the Memory Cleaner in Options>Security Options. Once there, press the BB menu button and select Clean Now.

    There are several ways to delete unwanted e-mails, texts, etc. You can go into the individual folders and delete one at a time. You can also delete them en masse by opening a mail folder, pressing the BB menu button and scrolling to Search. Once there, scroll to Service and select All Services, then press the BB menu button again and select Search. This will bring up all e-mails, texts and phone call logs. You can delete one at a time, or delete them all by scrolling all the way to the top, pressing the BB menu button and selecting Delete Prior, which will delete everything at once.

    There is a thread dedicated to memory cleaning in the Technical Support Blog link in my signature, but please post back if you have further questions.


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    Thanks Roger,

    I've done the house cleaning for the most part; clearing history, cache's, messages, etc. What I have not done is to see what other programs could be running in the background which I wasn't aware of until now. I am using OS 4.5, so I will try some of the other options that you listed above, i.e. using the memory cleaner. Keeping fingers crossed, thanks in advance.


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