Navigation apps have been in the news a lot recently since Apple announced they were dropping Google Maps and going to their own system, which provides voice turn by turn instructions. Of course Google Maps provides this for the Android and have come out with a similar version for the IPhone, then Nokia has it's own system, plus their are many many options which one can purchase for your smartphone or Tablet device, I even have a very nice one for my PlayBook, plus I have BB Traffic for my BB which gives voice turn by turn information. But I also have a Garmin system for my car, which I also use in the motor-home and a handheld unit for when I am hiking.

My question is how many people are still using a separate device for navigation rather than their phones?

I personally used my phone for quite a while but eventually went back to having a separate device, because I found that the phones GPS radio was not as efficient as the ones on the Garmin, plus it drained the phone battery really quickly, so I would have to plug it in to the car and I noticed that usage over a 4-8 hour road trip would make the phone really hot, which wasn't the case with the Garmin device. Going to hiking handheld devices definitely had the edge, plus you can download maps for the area which have the various hiking trails on them.

Which leaves me taking several items with me when I go hiking, a couple of GPS's Phone, Playbook, MiFi (4G), Camera (Nikon DSLR). Funny the devises are meant to reduce the number of things you carry, I add more. If I travel for more than 4 days then I will also take a laptop. Less than 3 days, I don't tend to take the camera. MiFi is for personal e-mail and Web browsing due to the speed, phone is a work item as I need to be in contact and I use bridge for work e-mails etc.