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for those of you that don't know, circuitcity is back on line. the company was ... General Smartphones forum

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    for those of you that don't know, circuitcity is back on line. the company was bought by systemax. there hasn't been any news if they plan on reopening any of the stores.
    the really sweet part of this info, is there cell phone prices. I am an att customer. att wants $199 for the BB 8900 with a new contract. circuitcity will give you the 8900 free with a new contract, no mail in rebates. and for those like me that allready are in a contract, I just bought a 8900 for $60 through circuitcity just buy doing a 2 year extension on my current contract. To me that is one sweet deal. hope this info helps those who wanted to upgrade there phones and havent had the cash. and this isnt just blackberry, thery carry a lot of other phones. most of which they donr have listed.
    a friend also got a samsung jack for $60, through att would be $100, still get to save.
    to find the other phones, select on the left weather you new contract, or extending, and your carrier. then select a phone. when it shows the phone you selected, under it it will say change phone. click that link and it will list a load of phones that they have, but dont show. enjoy
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    ask me
    Thanks for the info
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    I'm pretty sure Systemax is not going to reopen any circuit city stores, but those are great deals. Thanks for sharing!
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    Sounds cool. I was surprised after my upgrade to see that walmart had the 8330 with 2 year agreement for $8.88. When my wife saw it she gave me that look. Married know what look I'm talking about!
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    Wow! Really! They do! That is sweet! Thanks so much for the info! Ill be upgrading my hubby! :d
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