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Originally Posted by BHP77 To be honest man if your going to change from a ... General Smartphones forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by BHP77 View Post
    To be honest man if your going to change from a BB you just need to come to the realization that no keyboard out there matches it. But you give up a little to gain a lot. I'd say that if you forget about the keyboard go with Iphone on ATT, Nexus on T-Mobile, Droid on Verizon. If you need a keyboard and just cant find a way to give it up, iPhone on ATT, i think they have the best on screen keyboard out. I can type just as fast and accurate on it as my 9000, just takes a little getting use to. T-Mobile-9700 , Verizon- Droid or the tour2.
    Very well said!

    I agree 100%, if you are willing to "give up a little to get a lot" (ie: let go of having a physical keyboard) there is nothing like the latest models BHP77 has listed above. Of all the phones and multiple lines I have, my two favs are the Droid, and the iPhone3Gs.

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    Well after spending over an hour at the sprint store playing with all the phones, I decided to get the HTC touch pro 2. Very pricey, but has everything I was looking for. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

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    Great choice! I switched from BB a few weeks ago.......I am on at&t so I had to choose between the Pure and the TP2. I don't mind not having a keyboard, so I picked up the Pure......NO COMPLAINTS!! I love TouchFlo 3d (as I am sure you do)......I might also suggest checking out SPB Mobile Shell if you'd like more of the andoid homescreen.

    Good luck with your new device, and remember to post any questions or comments!

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    Any word on how you like you HTC TP2?

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