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Hi guys, Well i have read an article here can you tell me which should ... General Smartphones forum

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    Blackberry Storm Vs iPhone 3Gs


    Hi guys,

    Well i have read an article here
    can you tell me which should i buy ? please tell me your suggestion.


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    BlackBerry Storm because I'm a biased BlackBerry fan. But truthfully in my opinion, if you want to use BlackBerry messenger, then it's a BlackBerry you need. It's so addicting and you can meet and chat with people all over the world. If you don't really want to do that or you don't care for it, then go with the iPhone. I've heard of people getting irritated with the touchscreen on the Storm. It takes some getting used to for sure.

    The Storm has a bit of a lag, so the iPhone will be faster when surfing the net.
    The BlackBerry has different forums and networking sites like Pinstack that help you learn new things about your device and also to meet people that know way more than you do about BlackBerry's. iPhone's won't have such extensive sites such as this one.

    With the iPhone, you know what you're getting into so it won't be a problem and I've heard they are pretty reliable.

    You are probably going to get many answers and reasons behind them but this is only my opinion.

    Cheers and goodluck!

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    Def' the iPhone 3GS but that's VS the Storm which I never had high regard for. I'm an 8900 user.

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    Normally I never side and look at other factors but in the case of the Storm I can't. You couldn't give me one. The iPhone will be a much better choice for many reasons.

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    You could wait for the Storm 2 due out in the Fall. From the reports I have read and vid it will be what S1 should have been. But I think it won't be better than the Iphone imho-and I'm a bb fan!
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    ask me
    There's no way to make a comparison between one and other, it depends on what are you looking for, also both have some pros and cons, take note on the prices and network coverage where you are at, if I were you I'd look for both phones specs, check prices with the carriers, and of course see With carrier has a better coverage in your area, and of course Which one has less limitations on the task you need to do on a daily basis
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    Ealvnv has the right idea. It's all about what works for you. My 8900 and the apps/setup I use might frustrate you to no end and then again, you might love it. Carrier first, then device. That should always be your selection criteria. Are you looking at these two because you really want a touchscreen device or something else?
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    get a razor...they rock!
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    Hands down Iphone.....I personally don't like the storm at all.....but I've always gotten bored with an iphone and come back to blackberry too so....
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    I have played with both but never owned one. My dad and brother in law both have an iphone. The apps for the iphone look pretty cool and the size of the screen is hands down great. I like the face swap app. Many laughs with that one. I noticed no lag with the iphone and its fast and sleek. The storm is great too. My boss has one and she is a first time BB user. I had some trouble with the touch screen trying to send message but the same goes for the iphone. I'm still a newb when it comes to touch screens. I am a BB user for 5 years now and I love the phones. (I prefer the pearl untill I see an improved storm version.)

    What comes first is the carrier. Here in Canada, Rogers has the iphone and Telus has the storm. If you want to save tonns of money, go with Telus. Rogers comes with a price as I know I have been with them for many years. Now I am a Telus user for the fact that my cell bill is half of what it use to be.

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