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Tried to resolve the battery drain. Own a BB 8900 from Movistar Chile (Telefonica), always ... General Smartphones forum

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    Question Battery issues on BB 8900


    Tried to resolve the battery drain.
    Own a BB 8900 from Movistar Chile (Telefonica), always used WITH the pouch since I have it (12 months), but started to have battery drain problems 3 month ago. Very fair user, about 20 Mails per day, 60 to 80 Min talk, and 60 to 80 Min Internet (Social & Browse). Tried to fix the battery problem by updating from to, DM will not let me update the OS ("Theres is no update necessary"). I dowloaded the TIM Italy Multilanguaje version. I use Desktop Manager 5.0

    Any help??

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    DM 5.0 was supposed to allow you to install an OS from any carrier for your device, but it sometimes still doesn't want to play nice. Browse to the folder where you installed the new OS: Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader and delete the Vendor.xml file and try again. If that doesn't work, in that same directory is a file called Loader.exe Run that and it should allow you to install the new version.
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