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Ok I have to vent again. I don't know if this is posted in the ... General Smartphones forum

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    Asurion wireless insurance


    Ok I have to vent again. I don't know if this is posted in the right section but here goes.

    I have worked at asurion headquarters in nashville for a while and I get sick of hearing customers call in when they have been a customer for years to only have there claim denied ! Now I'm not going to give the details on what to and not to say. But my advice is the money you spend monthly on what if money I.e. Insurance is to put it in a savings account and buy a phone when something happens. That way your device will be new. Not remanufacted as the like to say just my two cents
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    Yeah, asurion really blows coc*-n-b*llz. They screwed me out of 3 phones when I was with cricket. 3 phones on cricket! To anyone that has cricket you already know every phone is paid in full, no discounts at all. Each time was like 250.00 after taxes. Yeah, I think I should have just cancelled my insurance all together. Its not worth payin this "what-if-money" only to be told "we don't cover that" and "do u have a police report?" I think the cops here would rather kick somebody's a** instead of doin a report on a know what your phone means to somebody else? Nothing! Cuz it aint theirs! Arraaaaggghhhhh!!!
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