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is there a blackberry app for the blackberry bold to let me record phone conversations??... General Smartphones forum

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    app to record phone conversations?


    is there a blackberry app for the blackberry bold to let me record phone conversations??
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    I don't believe so, I remember a while ago someone else was aking about something like this, and the general consensus was that if the other party is unaware that they are being recorded it is illegal to do...
    I think an app like you are talking about was not created with that in mind.

    anyone else?
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    To my knowledge it is a criminal offense to record converstions without notification and then there are requirements to follow. I am not sure it is legal for mobile devices. It's a common request but with nothing produced I maybe right. Forgive me if I'm not. I'm not 100% on this
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    I haven't seen an app that would do this. I'm sure through the use of a hardware setup it is entirely possible. The app capturing the audio would be probably more complicated and memory intensive then either the programmer or device would want to handle. It does go back to a privacy issue. Along the same lines as the shutter sound when you take a photo. There's a reason you've never been able to turn it off without a 3rd party app.
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