I'm interested in learning more about Android development. In doing so I need to learn linux. yay.

I have a small problem though, I'm poor and need a larger hard drive. I am looking for anything over 350 gigs in a 2.5" sata drive that is fairly cheap. Used is fine, as long as the drive is stable.

I'm not sure if I will run vmware or just dual boot, since I have little to no idea of how to set it up. I think I'd rather dual if possible.

Plan on starting with a kitchen to learn basics, and have found a few tutorials on themes and kernels.

So, if anyone has a spare drive gathering dust, please hit me up. I've been looking and can save up for one but will take awhile since have other pressing issues to spend money on first.

Linux users, my laptop is a dual 2.3 with 4gig ram. Let me know if this is ok for linux (I'm pressed for research time until Friday/Sunday)

Tired of just taking from the Android community, I really only give back on the apps I purchase. Would like to do a little bit more.