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You have just fallen in love with a cellphone brand. you get the convince ... General Smartphones forum

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    Anyone experience this ?


    You have just fallen in love with a cellphone brand. you get the convince yourself that its the best of the crashes, freezes, hardly works and attempt to convince your self that there's some other reason other than being a buggy phone even though you know your phone is a piece of junk that struggles to compete with phones on the $99 mark...your self esteem takes a knock and you make a desperate attempt to convince yourself that your phone and favorite phone manufacturer is still by far the best there is even though you know there's much better but just don't want to acknowledge or believe it...

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that experiences this! THERE MUST BE OTHERS !

    Do you experience this ?

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    Absolutely stupid...i agree

    I guess love the device not the specific model or manufacturer.

    although...i was expecting hundreds of comments on this from BB users especially once the very heart of the device (BBM and BIS) was down for 3 left many in question if BB was really the most reliable of all phones...even to this day many people still like their BB's...looks like they forgot about all the faults about the company and device even though they may come again. :-)

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