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I have Tour (Sprint) and downloaded the new OS update. I started to have trouble ... General Smartphones forum

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    Another messenger problem


    I have Tour (Sprint) and downloaded the new OS update. I started to have trouble with BM (asked questions about that before) and finally uninstalled the program and reinstalled DM v 5. It worked fine but now I have doubles for all my calendar items on my device (not in Outlook on my computer).
    If I delete each double on my device, and then sync, is that going to eliminate ALL my calendar items? Is there an easier way to resolve this?

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    The doubles usually results from multiple calendars on the device each having the same entries. It's not unusual to see this when you have a calendar that is synced like GMail and you restore your calendar after an update. The easiest fix is to remove the calendar entries through DM and re-sync them. Also, make sure you set the calendar you regularly use as the default. Mine is GMail and so they are the only entries that display on my home screen.
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