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Heya all, I just wanted to see some of your thoughts on android phones. I ... General Smartphones forum

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    Heya all, I just wanted to see some of your thoughts on android phones. I have been messing around with my buddies motodroid the last week or so and I must say that it might be the best non-blackberry phone I have ever used. The UI was amazing and pretty simple to figure out. I just couldn't believe the awesomeness of it. Anyways after messing around with the droid...i'm pretty sure my iPhone is no longer the phone for me, I may be looking to hop over to a cheaper provider within the next year. So! What are some of you guys and gals personal thougts on the android phones?
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    I have been eyeballing the HTC MyTouch 3G on T-Mobile but I also have thought about switching to AT&T but will have to wait to see what they come out with in the next 2 months.

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    I decided to take a break from BlackBerry and got my Moto DROID on launch weekend and love it! Compared to my Curve it is lightning fast, love the big touch screen, more apps, better highly customizable even without rooting it. But it also has some issues, non gmail email support is meh, yahoo is the worse unless you have a premium account and forward it to gmail and I miss the big bright notification LED, the DROID one is kinda puny! The media player is OK but not as nice as iPhone but screen quality for movies is better. Overall though I am very happy with my DROID!

    You may want to keep playing for a few more weeks as several new Android devices are expected to be released or at least formally announced in the next several weeks......of course with every confirmed release comes rumors of the next hot device.....eventually you just gotta pick one or you'll be waiting forever
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    HTC hero all the way. Original bbq'd user turned android lover.
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    I was a G1 user who has switched back to berry (9700) wasn't that I didn't like was more that particular phone it was just to laggy....I really wanted to try a nexus but not for 529$ but you are definitely is easy to learn and use.

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    Went from a Pearl, to a Storm and finally, myTouch. I'm much happier with Android for several of the reasons already mentioned. Problem now? Wanting the new Android phones coming out.

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    I use a Droid and really like it. Shortly will be upgrading to a ... well I will leave that for later, but it WILL be an Android powered smartphone.

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    I just switched from a Motorola Droid. Only because I got a free bb line. You're going to love Android. The user interface is awesome and very easy to use. So much like a pc. You can't go wrong with any android device you choose.

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