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So I have a tab line with Sprint that is up for an upgrade. I'm ... General Smartphones forum

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    Advice please


    So I have a tab line with Sprint that is up for an upgrade. I'm trying to decide if its worth keeping or just letting it die.

    The line itself has been useful when I've had issues (read:soft bricked) with my phone. Its $15 a month for 2gb. Problem is the current device, Galaxy Tab 7 3.0, sucks. Its slow, bloated and has little to no development so no AOSP.

    I've stopped using and Cassie isn't interested in using it either. The boys and Emma use it once in awhile. Its unused mostly because of the device itself.

    I like having the backup, its saved my bacon twice now. So that leads to my options.

    Either a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, and any of the iPad variants.

    I'm no fan of Apple but the iPads are solid devices. I'm not thrilled with the iTunes dependency because my computer is lacking. I'm also not fond of needing another device for backing up and other functions. However, I'm not 100% versed on the devices or with living with them day to day. I know I won't be using it personally, but Cas may, I know Emma will, and I'm sure the boys will eventually.

    Forget what you know concerning my feelings towards Apple. What are your thoughts? I'm more interested in the Mini than the larger iPad but I can go either way since I won't use it much.

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    The way you like to fiddle you would probably be bored to death with an iPad but it's the one your family would probably like the most.
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    iPad. It's a great tab. Always up to date. It'll be good for your health too. You'll actually do things with it instead of fiddling.
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    I absolutely love my iPad mini. I don't even use my Dell super laptop any longer. Ipad is by far the best tablet IMHO.
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    I'd agree with the iPad assessment. Hard to beat it.
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    Sell galaxy tab, buy iPad

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