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    HOW TO: Get custom ringtones on your iPhone


    If you're like me you might be surprised to know that unlike other smartphones the iPhone doesn't allow you to use any mp3 file for a ringtone. Apple offers ringtones for purchase through the itunes store, but if you're like me you'd rather have your own music clips as ringtones and for free.

    stuff you'll need:
    -any software that allows you to clip your music (I use the free version of Goldwave)
    -music files you want ringtones of

    1.) So, what you need to do first is load the song you want in Goldwave (or equivalent) and cut the section of the song you want as your ringtone. IT MUST NOT EXCEED 40 SECONDS IN LENGTH. I don't know why, but that seems to be the reason why some of my ringtones aren't syncing. Once you have a clip you are happy with, go to file>save as and save as a 128k MONO mp3 file and make sure you don't erase the original file.

    2.) Once you have your clipped mp3 saved, open up itunes and go to the music window. Add your mp3 file into the library (just drag and drop file into itunes window). Once added, right click on the newly added mp3 and click 'Create AAC version'. This will create a new file with a .m4a extension.

    3.) Find that file on your desktop from windows explorer (you can right click the file in the itunes window and click 'Show in Windows Explorer' if you wish). You must rename the extension type from .m4a to .m4r

    3-b.)If you don't see the extention in the file name then you don't have that option enabled. To enable this: from windows explorer click 'tools' (at the top) and 'folder options'. In the window that opens click the 'view' tab. In the 'advanced settings' window there will be several tick boxes. Make sure the box labeled 'Hide extensions for known file types' is UNCHECKED. Once this is done you can go back and rename the extention to .m4r.

    4.) Once you have the extension renamed, drag that file into itunes. You might have to click on the 'ringtones' button in the itunes library window to the left before you can do this. The ringtone file should appear in the library.

    5.) Plug in your iPhone now, and when it loads up click your phone in the window to the left. Now with all those options on the top, click 'ringtones'. Tick the box that says 'sync ringtones' and then sync your iphone.

    6.) Once fully synced you can unplug your phone and pick your new ringtone from your phone.

    I hope this guide is clear enough but feel free to PM me with any questions.

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    Mac users can use Garage Band to make ringtones and send them directly into iTunes.
    ~via smartphone

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    You can use iphone ringtone maker,I dou't know the detail ,so i can't give any suggestion, you can visit for more help

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    Thumbs up Best Ringtone Uploading Tool

    I use an app called "iRinger.exe". You dont have to worry about converting file types, dragging files to your desktop, deleting the file from iTunes, adding back files, etc. With iRinger, you can edit the song to the length you want (iPhone limit is 0:30). If you pay for the full version, you will get extra editing tools such as reverb, delay, volume boost, etc. Upload the song to iTunes and sync your ringtone to your iPhone (I suggest manually syncing). It's as simple as that. The free version has an ad window attached. Best ringtone uploading tool. Enjoy.

    Go here:

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    Here's my ringtone on my 3gs that I cropped from Draft Punk.
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    I use this site to get free ringtones for my iPhone

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    How to Transfer Contact from iPhone to Computer?

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    Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact can provide you:
    - Backup contacts on iPhone memory to a file.
    - Export two types of file format (Antc file, Text file).
    - Backup iPhone Contact’s Photos.
    - Export full screen of iPhone contact’s Photos.
    - View Contacts in Text file format (.txt) or ANTC file format (.antc) on PC.
    - Password protection support (ANTC file only).

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    I think getting the ringtones on the Iphone is easy. That's why when I had to decide between the Iphone or Google G1 I chose the Iphone. I'm curious how the NExus will play out.
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    I just use the Free RingTone maker at, lets you edit audio files and save as an m4r file, just drag n drop into itunes and you're all set.

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    I used to download ringtones from sites which give free ringtones or compose new from ringtone composer for my iPhone

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