We just came across a new phone called the hero H8and unlike many clones it’s a definite WIN! It’s a clear copy of the the Nokia N8, but with a few changes (including the price tag) that make it worthy of 100% your attention. No? Only 85%? Well the hero H8 is priced at only US$ 119.99, and that’s un-subsidized. Have I got your attention now?

Great, now that we’ve got your full attention, here are some of the things that in our eyes make it worth every penny. First off, the phone comes with a 3.8″ touchscreen, which is larger than the Nokia N8′s 3.5″ touchscreen (which is great for watching movies) and is just as responsive. It’s got front and back facing cameras which are both pretty good. Unfortunately the camera is not 12.1 mega-pixels as it shows in the picture, but is actually 1.2 MP. We weren’t too disappointed about that fact though, considering the price (US$ 119.99).

Another great aspect of the phone that we appreciated was the fact that they got rid of the Nokia’s Symbian 3 operating system and have replaced it with some sort of Shanzhai Android 2.1 replica. It’s a ton better than it sounds. The OS runs smoothly, and the developers have done a pretty decent at cloning Google’s popular OS. On top of these the Phone comes WiFi GPRS, and bluetooth capable. The memory is upgradable to 16GB’s with a TF card and it comes with a TV/Radio Tuner on top of everything else. The hero H8is already available and can be found at Lightinthebox.com.